Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Will the Training systems recall all hyped up cds about Perfect Water??

A Couple of years ago- Perfect water demo was a rage. Any association that you went to or in any CD- you would hear about how perfect water is going to change the face of the business.

Especially the WWDB cds that we listened to- were full of stories of the demos, how there were mass sign ups, how people were going silver and ruby because of perfect water. All this excitement died a natural death and perfect water definitely did not change the face of our business- except for creating a dent in our pocket with the outrageous price for supposedly "Perfect water".

When we tried the demo at home, it never worked. When we asked our upline, he gave the typical upline advice, "just keep trying and perfect the demo...a lot of people are getting tremendous results with the demo."

Well today in Amway global website, there was a post about Perfect Water- that "tip test" and "flexibility test" should not be performed to demonstrate perfect water's claims. This news is being posted when there is no more excitement among the IBOs about this product.

Here is a link for a video for "tip test" demonstrated by a WWDB diamond Jimmy Head

click here

Wonder if the system will recall all the cds with the hype about perfect water?? Does the process of accreditation include reviewing such hyped up cds?? What if such cds with outrageous lies are out and Amway global posts a contradicting message that these demos should not be done- what happens then???

Anyway cant wait for the next hype which will keep the IBOs temporarily excited for 1 more year.

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