Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Amway Milking Success Story

Hei! I got news for you!

My upline just confirmed this month that they will NEVER change!

Even after people like us quitting and their reading our blog and following it actively, they do the same thing all over again. And this time it is one of my front lines who goes silver. And guess what? That IBOship looks exactly the same as how our IBOship looked when we went silver - one downline SOT and 5 people at the last function (including my front line)!, not a single new pin this month and he has bought almost 7000PV himself. The 20 SOTs for silver is just stage talk.

This just reconfirms that this Amway thing does not work at all. You either stay at the same level or buy your next pin, especially when you are in my upline's team.

Had my downline built a group of 40 or 50 IBOs and broken a whole bunch of new pins, I would have been wrong. BUT that did not happen! I am so glad that I walked away from this! I would really like to thank them for reconfirming my fears about this business!

Ok - my cross lines who are actively following this blog can clap for that new silver in your next function! My upline RR will most likely be there to "support" that huge group in the next function! My front line bought products for about $22,000 - you should congratulate him for that! Now he needs to find garages to store the nutrilite, artistry and gift albums he has stocked up.

I just think that this front line of mine could have been smarter. I told him several times that buying a pin won't take him anywhere. He saw us right in front of his eyes for 4 years, struggling even after we went silver and then finally quitting. I discouraged every time he came to me and told he wants to buy his way to silver. It has become very convenient for my upline to suck our down line, since we are also gone now!

When my upline RR gets you hypnotized, you can't do anything! The way he brain washes you is like this "You get silver done and come to 'go diamond'. What you learn there will help propel your business towards platinum in the next 6 months. The information you will get at 'go diamond' is something that you haven't learnt at functions." Next month there is a 'go diamond' happening at Kumar level in seven springs. My front line will go there excited for the first time. But when he gets back, he will see his PV drop all the way back to 300 or 600 PV! The information learnt at 'go diamond' is nothing special. Over half the people come there as fake silvers or fake platinums, so you see more sad faces there!

I hope at least our other two legs do not qualify silver this way, taking this front line and us as an example.

You should watch out for these new exciting CDs from your line of sponsorship soon:

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Do watch snippets of these talks and more such talks on exciting ways to milk on your system's TV and get inspired to do what??? "Milking", of course.

There is a whole new galaxy inside the GALA galaxy. It is called the


which could go all the way up to my upline double diamond!

Here is a pretty picture of our "awesome" uplines for all those curious folks:


  1. Too bad, your downline hasn't learned from your experience. 22000$ is LOT of money...You are right..What is he going to do after the recognition....The excitement of Go <> will fizzle out once the credit card statements starts showing up.

    I got myself out of leadership SO. My upline did not object or resist to that...and I am not jumping into accruing lot of CDs after your experience. Well your downline might start another blog probably after he learns his bitter experience.

  2. ExEagle,
    Looks like people do not learn from other people's experiences. The craving for recognition is so much people people will do everything to do that. I have known IBOs who go with the right parameters and have built it right. But unfortunately people like Ajmani, Raghvan misrepresent and what do you know? Guys like you who could have been successful drops out..i do not know of 1 IBO who is neutral after they drop out..Ajmani, Raghavan needs to be flagged. If this is the way to build the business, i will not be part of it.

  3. you know what..this is exactly what happens behind the doors !
    I have read almost all your posts and our story is exactly like yours, I could relate so much with your personal story (especially wedding)..but glad we did not make it to the silver level !

  4. I still don't understand how people like Ramesh Raghvan has the tenacity to push people so that he looks great on stage as a founder emerald. how can these people sleep..won't their consciousness haunt them? do you think his brother suresh would not stop him or sugeet. sugeet spoke so well in the summer conference about how he treated his parents. does he care the same way about his team members. you guys can travel to switzerland by first class, but you are on your way to my language..mavanay naragam thaan...mind it!

  5. This is what happens within most of the LOS within Gala Group. You simply know that most people dont do it right by looking at the number of platinums who never requalify or go q12 or the diamonds who never requalify. The only difference is most of the desi IBOs who were active for a few years and who have gone through many of the things mentioned in this blog for whatever reason dont write about their experience on the internet.

  6. I have also seen good leaders who says things as they are and they don't expect from the team what they are not doing. I have known bunch of them who might be just Platinums but they haven't pushed people around to elevate their glory. they might be slow but they have permanent business. their business is built on trust and relationships than PV. long term business is built on how many people are connected..not just for getting a pin.most of the people like raghavan will have a revolving door business and that is why they have find people to push around. if not exeagle, their downline. if not them, somebody else and the story goes on.

    sugeet went edc because one of his frontline ashish who was an emerald quit and he got two legs for free. why would somebody like ashish warudkar who was close friend of sugeet quit the business if he is an emerald. it is always bullying people to do things which they don't do it. i am also a silver in the gala team and average about 5000-6000 pv on an average. i have never pushed people around to reach my pin level. i pay 7 pv checks. the month i qualified silver, i did personal of 1000 pv of which i retailed 2 esprings. still it was profitable. no other downline stretched to make me go silver. i strive to do things right even though it might slow. i cannot say about most of the people. i feel the same way like exeagle about Go <> weekend. people who are not qualified silvers should not be allowed to attend. if they are not qualified silvers, they don't make money (if they don't have structure). most silvers go to go <> like a punishment. i sincerely hope kumar or shah or gala leaders read this..if they don't, i can tell blogs will continue like wildfire.

  7. What you say abt Sugeet qualifying as EDC because of 2 free legs is wrong. He went EDC even before AAW became inactive. His 6th leg in US when he went EDC somehow qualified the first time he went EDC and he had international businesses. After he went EDC, the leg picked up great momentum and people below the guy who went platinum for the first time, started qualifying as q12s. We have the highest respect and regard for AAW and great people like them cannot stay in something forever which is full of lie and deceit.

  8. March 2010 Achieve magazine has a list of people who qualified for the founder’s emerald 150k bonus and the founder diamond’s bonus of 250K. The corporation has very smartly not listed out the founder’s emeralds separately and the founder’s diamonds. So people can imagine what they want to. Obviously because many of the Gala diamonds all the other diamonds who qualify as diamonds every year with 5th, 6th leg as international business, would have only qualified for the founder’s emerald bonus. 6 qualified legs in US is required to qualify for such founder’s diamond bonus and Peter Island trips every year. I think only first time diamonds go on Peter Island trips regardless of whether they qualified diamond with or without international legs. Sadly many of the BWW diamonds names don’t appear in the list, which means they don’t even have 3 qualified US legs and they did not get even get the founders emeralds bonus. This must be some residual business, considering the names of the diamonds that don’t appear in the list have been in the business for over 2 decades.

  9. yeah aaw were awesome and we definitely miss them. Every time they spoke they had strong conviction..brought so much credibility to the team. Do not know why an emerald quit the business..i can understand a silver quitting the business because of lack of structure. exeagle, if your upline apologised for their actions, and refunded back all the extra money for making you buy to get their pin, will you forgive and start building the business? Are you saying everybody who builds the business builds it like your upline or your downline or is this people who badly wants to qualify for a pin? what do you think?

  10. exeagle,
    How did you exit this finally? What was your exit strategy? I would really like to know what you told them to quit from this opportunity? last week at the open, didn't see that many people qualifying for new pins. there is a new diamond here in LA but when the person who is in platinum ca talks, he said "he did whatever it took" to make it happen. What does that mean? stocking up. i am noticing the same who went platinum in ajits team. subroto and supriya..kumar go diamond is awesome...but rite after that is the grand opening ceremony is hefty credit card bills. wake up ppl. don't buy things which you don't need to impress ppl...what you gonna do next month..learn from these people. don't beat yourself so many times and then decide one day to quit and then finally become a bitter loser type.

  11. i have been in the biz for abt 5 yrs and have seen bunch of higher pins quitting. I was ashish and anjana..II one was a silver sponsored by the same guy who sponsored prakash and smita. third one was business magnet zul and sophie. fourth one was his downline single lady genie or satinder singh..there are handful of platinums and above in the business. why would they quit? what do they know which i don't know. i am not even a silver. it makes me wonder why wud someone quit if they are making money..

  12. I am not surprised by this news at all! I am also an ex IBO from the same Ajmani/Sinha/Raghavan organization and I have seen this kind of "business practice" happen several times for the 5 + yrs I was "active" in the business. Ever since I became inactive, they have gone after my downlines. And these Sinha's and Raghavan's will never learn because they are too lazy to go wide and sponsor new people and build it the right way. They will continue with these bad practices and have the gall to say that they have gone out of their way and done so much for so and so downline and its only fair to expect the downline to reciprocate by hoarding up thousands of dollars of products. There are so many IBO's like these and the upline diamond is very well aware of how these IBO's operate their business. But they will not care that those downline IBO's being abused because the Diamonds want their financial security at any cost.

  13. exeagle,
    Found out from kumar Go <> that lot of your notorious LOS is coming for the summer conference. Ramesh Raghavan, Sugeet, Kumar. Your downline will get excited to go on stage..Let us see how excited he is after the credit card statement. People are supposed to be learning from their uplines mistakes:)Did you send your downlines the link to your posting.

  14. dear anonymous from July 12,
    to answer your question... yes an emerald could quit too... what if they had 3 platinum organizations with no structure? have you thought of that scenario?

    wow, it sounds from your post that exeagle is doing his upline a favor by building the business (forgive his upline, hee hee :-))

  15. I did see your downline in the San Jose conference and he got recognized in the silvers and up meeting. Your dude Sugeet, Ramesh was also there. What you said is correct, your downline was not flat excited about his accomplishment, he introduced himself and all I could think of was what you wrote. "Anybody who could use their credit card can accomplish that goal..What is the big deal?" That is how they looked.

  16. I have to say I feel I need to address Sneha's question on his blog complains that ex-eagle, let me quote him "Having been in the business for 6 years,he hasn't written a single one where he had benefited from the teaching".
    I had to laugh really loud when i read that statement. The reasons for which I will give a detailed explanation below (Having been a core IBO for more than 7 yrs and being in the same LOS I think I can shed some light on this question)
    1) The positive mental attitude books that are part of the elite Standing Order program are not exclusive to any networking group. They are available at a much cheaper price at a lot of other websites, so I could have saved myself lot of money by purchasing it elsewhere.Let me also say that some of the books that are selected book of the month are just BS, dont have any good information,so thats an avg $12-$15 down the drain.
    You may not have been exposed to these books but if you are ambitious enough(isnt that how were prospected?)you would eventually learn that you need to improve yourself and invest in your personal growth. Let me also ask when BWW is such a huge group and the IBO committe who brings these SOT's and SOB's get a good deal/discount when they order a book in bulk: Why is that they charge an IBO full retail price? Why is that they are in a retailing system of Books and tapes? let me guess becoz its a huge cash cow and thats how these diamonds make that kind of money that talk from stage.
    CONTD in the next comment...

  17. 2) The Standing Order tape program is another such thing, few of them have "technical" data about the 9 core steps. Most of them are supposed to be "motivational" tapes to help you figure out your "why" in building this business. I did enjoy listening to some of the tapes and again a good % of the tapes were complete junk and it was interesting to note that I did not have an option to reject a tape becoz of its content. I was required to keep the tape if I was a core IBO and ofcourse the standard dialogue is"take the grocery store approach". Some of the successful emeralds, diamonds and higher pins who made those tapes havent requalified every year, so how is this business residual in nature? and why should I be paying $8 to listen to someone who is not a qualified pin anymore? How is that person going to teach me the secret of making residual income when he/she couldnt sustain it? Even Amway admits that once a pin level is reached then they dont strip these ppl of their pins even if they didnt requalify the next year. Check the official article by Amway PR:

    So these fake pins make money by the tool income, so if their CD is sold they make a profit. I dont have a problem paying for qualified tools as long as they are genuinely worth it and hate to say it but 90% of these tools are pure junk and often times contradict one another!!
    And if my generous uplines intentions are so pure that they really want to help me build a successful business then why dont they have these tapes at a nominal cost? Why is that I am required to shell out atleast $8 per tape/CD??? I am not asking to give it for free but why is that its going to cost me $8 and why is that I cannot return a tape that I think is worth nothing. The BSM agreement states I can return within 90 days and I have seen that my uplines never honored it. So the biggest problem I found with the system was that (I can only comment on BWW/GALA/KUMAR/AJMANI/RAGHAVAN LOS) I didnt have the freedom to reject some of these materials.
    3) This is perhaps my most critical experience from these tapes/books: The success principles I learnt from these books and tapes should only be applied primarily to the business. You should not go about using them in your work becoz that would mean according to Mr. Bill Britt "You cannot serve 2 masters". So essentially if you did apply them in your work and got promoted at your job then you are not a CORE IBO!
    My conclusion is after I reviewed the sheer amount of money I invested in these tapes and books and eventually products, I realized that I would have been better off taking either an Anthony Robbins or a Dale Carnegie workshop and I would have shelled out lot less in the long run and saved myself from financially stupidity.

  18. What do you mean by after we attended the functions then over PV will get back to 300 or 600? Could you please clarify more? Sorry your english is too deep for me to understand, thank you.

  19. Some bunch of failed, demotivated, people are in discussion.......

  20. Your blogs are quite interesting to read and quite informative for someone like me who has been in the biz for about 1 year in Sahay team. I am signing as anonymous as I am still active. I have made some insignificant money so far thanks to my initial effort in growing the business. I do admit the money isn't all that big as it is also because of my lack of commitment and motivation to learn the skills needed to build the business by motivating others to change their buying habits. There are many people I met in the business who made money and some who lost money. Some made money and quit and some lost money and still building without doing much in the business which I dont understand. I do recall a few months back, if I figured out this right, this downline IBO of yours from RR group you are talking about had broken a bunch of new pins and has a group going for himself. There are some other IBOs part of your uplines groups who have small teams growing with out of proportion PVs. I have also seen some of my crossline folks who bought the PV when they have new IBOs in the group who see them recognized, they seem to be motivated that if this idiot can do it, so can I. As I assume, some may have bought the PV out of frustration of not growing. Some their uplines forced them to buy as the Upline made a decision to go Platinum or Q12 and now the downline is forced to do the same or face getting ignored or not get edified for doing whatever it takes.
    I can understand your relationship with your upline as I am in the same boat. Somehow your blog has made me cautious but I am also in a wierd situation as I do have a idiot sponsor upline who is as new as I am and my emerald helped me sponsor a few downlines who are more actively building the business than I am and they make more money than I do with both retail and sponsoring. Although I am unwilling to buy PV but my downlines dont have any issues as they do make money with retail. My indifference with my upline is quite different compared to my downlines who seem to be motivated by their thoughts of being financially free one day which I feel will take them at least 10-15 years knowing their high job income. As of now, its good to know some my downlines who are growing and reaping the rewards and helping our upline with extra $$ for all of them. As for my downlines making high income in the Amway business, only the future will tell. I will continue to be cautious, but who knows, I might be the next upline motivating my group to buy PV and teachihg them how to motivate others. Idiots can make wealth too as long as they believe in their idiotic beliefs!

  21. Hi, how much one gets paid after qualifying for eagle , double eagle??

    1. The correct question should have been, how much money does one lose when they qualify as "Eagle, double eagle?"

  22. Good one. Exeagle. Now they have streaming audio added to standing order subscription..More ways to take money from downlines.we paid $600 for SAM machine and 60 $ for the box. My upline knows that we are not active in the business.She asked me if I would be selling it..I said I am willing to sell it for $300. Upline sends me the link to ebay where it is sold for $175...Suddenly they start looking at Ebay..How can you start looking at ebay now? She wants me to sell it for $100. I just hope that there is one earthquake that takes all these blood sucking people away..

  23. I used to be in quixtar. I am glad I got out before all of this. Now, I am just looking online to find the Artistry spa collection. lol Did they retire that? Know anyone who has it?