Friday, May 20, 2011

Founders EDC Ganesh and Neha Shenoy divorced?

This was really a shocking news. Man, I thought marriages of IBOs lasted forever.

We would have heard statements like these so many times, "Amway saves marriages", "our marriage got better and better only because of this business, " "we were going in two different paths, only because of the business we have common goals. "

The last year we stayed in this business only because of "supposedly intangible values" you get out of the business. Latha Gala's statements about how their kids turned out to be great only because of the business would play out in our minds and we would think "Gosh, what would happen to our future kids without this business." All these statements are just a trap to keep IBOs who are not making any profit within the business. Uplines want you to belive that your life will be doojmed without Amway. Even when we told our uplines about our decision to become inactive, they asked us "What about the intangible values?"

Yeah right "Intangible values". My foot.

Anways curious to know how BWW is handling this news about this split. I guess like Paul Miller's divorce they would just not talk about it and pretend like it never happened or acknowledge that Debbie Miller ever existed.


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    1. why do you care, how does it matter to you?

  2. Imperfect people, Imperfect business. You can always have choice to believe whatever side I wanted to believe. When I built this business, I believed everything what the pros said and when I decided to quit the business, I choose to believe what other people said and I was justified. Justifying what you want to do depends on where you are going. My upline never said we are the role model couple, follow us. He said we are working on making this business work. Do not cut corners to get the business. we were doing that. i didn't witness the success I wanted. I decided to stay away. I did get lot from Ganesh and Neha's talks. If they chose not to be together, that is their sad state of affairs. why put it like a topic of discussion. lata gala said what benefit the opportunity gave it to her family. if you are talking about a product or opportunity, you always talk about the benefits what it offers. what is wrong with that? my belief is, there is no reason to get too excited or too mad about the opportunity. if you want to build it, good for you. it is a tough business. it requires tough skin which i didn't have.

  3. Only CDs on BWW available are "Ganesh" Shenoy. Nothing with Ganesh *and* Neha is available, it's all been pulled.

    At this time Ganesh is speaking single.

    My view? Sh!t happens. Edification is one thing, and I get that—it’s important. However, outright contempt for ze masses, and thinking that being an IBO inherently makes you a superior human being to everyone else sets them up for blow back in such situations.

    I for one wish him well anyway, it's not something I'll laugh about.

  4. While talking about benefits of a business/product is perfectly fine, whenever we expressed our concern to our upline about not making money, we were always told that "you will not move on in the business for money." We were almost made to feel bad that we wanted to make money/profit.

    Why not pitch this business as something out of which you will MAINLY get ONLY INTANGIBLE VALUES. Why present this business as something you will start making $2500 in the next 6-12-18 months?

    Atleast, when you join something like "Art of Living", you know you are joining it primarily for intangible values.

    As for as having tough skin, we had waaaaaaaaay too much of it and that is the reason we stayed in this for waaaaaaaaaaay too long. Most people dont know even half of the crap that we went through.

    I do wish Ganesh and Neha all the very best. This news has been shocking and saddening considering that they have 2 young kids. They had the EDC money, and supposedly "all the time" and still things could not be worked out....that is shocking.

    News of bigger pins' divorces would not be shocking, if they did not flaunt their supposedly high values and basically putting everybody else down for living low lives.

    I still remember Kumar making fun of older people dating and he said something like, "you should say my grandfather/grandmother friend and not boyfriend/girlfriend." I wonder what that made Paul Miller feel when he was dating Leslie.

  5. There's nothing to rejoice about over a divorce especially where kids are present. otherwise there are times when it's necessary if the marriage is toxic, lives are at risk, etc.

    the reason ganesh and neha's divorce is an issue, and for that matter anyone big scamway pins, is to their own detriment they set themselves up for future criticism when they put down everybody else who is not in amway while espousing how being in amway is great for marriages or saves them. well then why the divorces? scamway diamonds' marriages can be ephemeral's just human.

  6. What makes you think they are currently qualifying as EDCs?

  7. Ganesh Shenoy despite having the family situation FYI is a new Double Diamond. People do what they want to do. They can look at the adversities or what could be done..I don't care for the intangibles..If Intangible is the only thing being promoted, Any PMA seminar would do it. I would like to see some mula end of the day. Few years back, they are talking about divorce rate, now bww do not mention that at all. Crap happens..Too much of promotion can make God out of normal people..which is not good. it is people like exeagle's upline who really messed up and create bad stuff. pappalardo team had 21 platinums last year. they showed their team how to make instant cash as well as long term success. does all the team do that. I wish i can say yes. what people do with the busines is totaly upto them.

  8. I fully agree with what both of these people say;

    Anonymous @ May 30, 2011 10:48 AM
    Anonymous @ June 1, 2011 5:50 PM

    As for the author of this article, you should just shut up and be ashamed of your ill intentions. Amway condones trap statements just to keep IBOs who are not making any profit within the business? Wait a minute... you should ask those people on a case by case basis why they don't make a profit, right? But no, it's too tough, it's all a matter of being self-righteous; it's never my fault, it's Amway's fault! It's too tough a business and I feel it's unfair because it makes me feel that I loose so Amway makes me loose then and it's their fault! All that invested time and energy! 99% failure rate! SCAM!

  9. I feel sorry for Neha. people who looked her as star so far will start downplaying her. She has MBA that she never used because of this business; she built from Emerald to EDC and also played major role in Double Diamond, I guess. For BWW, whoever build business, they are good; whoever does not, they will be treated as evil. all the faults will fall on her; downline emerald and diamond ladies will say, Neha is not important; Ganesh is; all the edification and promotion were gone and Neha gets all the blame. hey, if you ever quit business, you know, how your upline and his wife talks about you. When Jwalant and Reena got divorce, Rashmi and Smita told the team, I look my upline as example. my upline is ok and I am ok. now what will they say? I hope she gets the best settlement for all her efforts, spoiled youth; man, what to tell about kids. God only knows, what they go through. May god bless them. Sorry Neha. You are another victim. I just lost the money; but you? sorry again.

  10. Exeagle, below the belt does not make your own image better.

    If you quit after waaaaaaaaay to long, it was your decision. Why blame Lata Gala for your slow response to your internal urge of quitting? BTW, it is not Latha, exeagle.

    We have been in the business for over 10 years and are platinums... we had ups and downs.... why people get divorced is no body's business.

    When you go to your work, if your boss gets divorced, that does not make headline news in your company. Why should the Shenoy's situation become public? It is called decency -- it is also called respecting privacy.

    Also, don't make it sound like no heart surgeon ever dies young of heart attack. Bad things can happen to good people... some things are not in your control.

    I have never heard ANY BWW leader ever claim they are perfect fact most of the leaders say repeatedly that we are all imperfect. Why try to hold them against something they never said. We do promote the right values... but we are all human -- and thus error-prone.

    You may have quit - which is ok. You did what was right for you. Now you don't have to justify your actions by pointing out how vulnerable BWW leaders are ... we all are -- at the end of the day we are but humans.

    Criticism is entertainment for the untalented. I am sure you are talented and gifted in many areas. Now that you have all the time after you quit, go ahead and pursue those. Why try looking like an untalented guy by criticizing others?

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Your truly.

    PS: BTW, what does Ex-eagle mean? What is your current state? Turkey?

  11. I feel sorry for Neha as well. May God give her the strength to get over this tough situation.

    In the outside world when you go through a divorce you would atleast have a few friends to share your tough times with. When you are in Amway, the only so called "friends for life" you have are your uplines and downlines. The friendships you had before the business fade away if those friends did not join the business.

    In Amway friendships with upline and downline can be maintained only as long as you are willing to build the business. Once my upline told me not to be in touch with my upline platinum who used to host pase meetings, when they decided not to pursue the business.

    I just hate the fact that BWW decided to just pull out Ganesh and Neha's profile and take out all the talks by Neha. BWW has a history of recreating life histories. If Neha chooses not to build the business right now, should all her contribution to the business till this point be erased? Should we act like she was never there?

    Now all Ganesh and Neha's downline emeralds and diamonds never mention about her. What happened to your tight relationship and friendship which you had till a couple of years ago? Why doBWW and Ganesh and his uplines want to keep this all hush hush. In this day and age do they think people will not speculate, search online for information. All you have to type in google "Ganesh shenoy" and the autocomplete feature completes the search for you and mentions "Ganesh Shenoy divorce".

    Just makes me rethink about all this teaching about no contact with outside world. I should seriously start looking into maintaining my friendships outside of the business as well. Anyways sorry for this long rant.

  12. @Anonymous June 9, 2011 12:15 PM your post is full of hostility and anger. You're a "core" IBO? You read books?

    I'm an active IBO beleive it or not, but by the same token I've always been uneasy by the trench warfare or bunker mentality. We IBOs are not superior to the masses, we need to get that in our heads. Too often I see IBOs that think just being an IBO somehow makes them smarter or more enlighted than the "deluded masses". It is true that many live lives as wandering generalities--but still being an IBO is not the only honorable path on earth.

    You've been in the business 10 years, you should know that there used to be talks or speakers that would infer that Amway saves marriages, or that IBOs have proper values and you don't see them getting divorced.

    Exeagles point, albeit dismissively prhased, is that if IBOs are going to infer that we're "better than the masses", then when stuff like this happens we put a target on ourselves.

  13. Is it really true that they are separated? It IS my business because people in BWW themselves tell they are in glass house. Anyway, I would like to know the authenticity of this news.

  14. Whatever happened is really SAD. I am a Platinum in Shah team, but crosslines to Ganesh (& Neha) Shenoy. We just got the news some days back. The divorce happened well in 2010, with them not living together since 2009.

    Not everyone knows what could have happened exactly, and it would be 'nonsense' to blame one person over the another. But yes, Ganesh is in Double Diamond qualification, and will get recognized in FED. Can't wait for the moment.


  15. @ CAM ROHIT

    'Can't wait for the moment' when he will tell his double diamond recognition story and totally wipe out his wife from the picture.

    I am sure BWW will do a great job of publishing that 'Success Story' and all your uplines and you will promote it to your downlines. It will be a big story of a victory and how he stayed on top of his circumstances and his negative wife, and remained dedicated to his dreams, goals, his uplines, downlines and the BWW team.

    Fired up man! That's how you motivate people and go Platinum.

    BTW, are you really a Platinum, or going-Platinum. Because if you were a Platinum, wouldn't you have too much work doing 9-5-3-BIB and keeping yourself away from so-called junk on the internet. Didn't your buddy - Shivaram Kumar teach you that?

    I am still wondering what on earth was Neha going through that she finally decided to pull a plug on the marriage. And how come none of the so-called best friends for life upline ladies help her out.

    These guys operate with fake agenda. God sees the truth!!

  16. Whats funny about your statement is that Ganesh in the last function did not use the term "I" to describe his success in any way. He never downplayed his divorce either. He brought both his kids to the function, too, on stage and basically talked about his separation from his wife indirectly. However, he always spoke of his success happening because of both him and his wife, which does not downplay or hide his situation. Why would he stand on stage and announce his divorce? He is there to talk business not personal life issues. Truly I believe he did a stand up thing by bringing his kids and showing how he is focusing on raising them whenever he has them. Great function and great guy. I guess this is a blog...but look at the facts before stating your opinions about hiding things. Also all members of the Gala team talked to people in the group about their divorce and never said anything bad about Neha, rather they said she was a great person.

  17. Hey 9-5-3-BIB may take time...but it is better to work for success for many hours now than 40 years down the road. I have been in the business for 5 Emerald qualification with 4 q12 legs. I have never had a person store products or buy $1000's worth. Some teams take this business by being fanatics...rather it is key to keep your team members happy and keep the business legit then God does bless you.

  18. @ Emerald qualification with 4 q12 legs after 5 years

    So you are also one more going-Emerald ha? Wow I am amazed that you guys being so strong in your BWW system, and doing 9 CORE steps have time to come visit the internet and also comment out on blogs. Didn't Shivaram Kumar teach you as well. Perhaps you and Mr going-Platinum CAM Rohit need to attend more functions for them to brainwash you that you need to be working 5-7 nights. Go away!

  19. When couples who are not in the business get divorced then it is because the jobs are keeping them apart or there is lack of time and money. But when couples in the business get divorced IBOs get angry if the business is to be blamed for their split. Even in this situation you have to look up to the positives and parade your kids in a function and let everybody how business PMA environment is making a great impact on your kids.

    For those IBOs who are coming here and commenting about decency and privacy don't Amway big pins make fun of Arnold or Tiger Wood's divorce and infidelity? The big pins want the whole world to know about their great lifestyle, trips and new purchases. But they dont want the world to know about crap in their life. Hypocrites.

  20. Hi guys.., I am curious to know why they got separated so that I can explain the situation to my team in better way as they are emotionally attached to ganesh and neha...eventhough they say as a leader you live in glass doors...I haven't seen that in reality as uplines are tight lipped what happened except telling they are divorced. Neha told lot of times how a lady shud be ....strong home shud be and supportive wife shud be...I don't know what happened then to this supportive wife to the guy who told shud be able to your wife...otherwise how u can build I look back are they really true to thier heart...if glass door tell the ibos what happened. but anyways I respect his work ethic...but most his legs are directly come friend and family members...that I don't respect

  21. Anybody knows what happened to Manoj and Bhavna Dodani? They went Emerald and were sponsors of Ajit and Harsha Dodani. Suddenly Manoj and Bhavna Dodani disappear and are never mentioned.

    It must be very difficult when some family member who are also part of Amway quits the business.

  22. Manoj and Bhavana went Emerald the same time as Ashosh and Anjana Warudkar. Single lady from Jain team went Q12. Her name was. Genie:) her upline who was a business magnet in West Coast. He was also a q12 named zul and Sophie Hirani.There was a guy who was a quadriplegic (again in Jain team in the name of) Vineet and Neelu who was a Q12. There was a superfast platinum (again in Jain team) by the name of Dr. Manbir and Tarang from Bakersfield who went Platinum less than a year old. There wasa platinum by the name of Kailash and Meenaa Samtani. These are the people I look upto when I got started few years back. Where r these people and where did they disappear. If this opportunity is as good as what everyone successful claim it, why did they vvanish? Does that mean they are all losers??? I don't think so. Ongoing income was not ongoing. That is the truth. I can guarantee that ExEagle can vouch for this. Ongoing income is when upline tell you the importance of 300 PV circle when you know he really means 3000 PV circle. Am I telling the truth? Be part of Gala Kumar or Desai team, attend functions, lose sleep, lose some money, lose relationships, and then one day realize like me..what I have done all these years??I was such a stubborn idiot who did not listen to anyone. Now I am paying the price for my stupidity. I recommend you to slow down and see what value are you getting out of this. If you listen to Manipal or Jain or Sahay, there is no value addition. It is only depletion. Unless your last name is Devos or Van Andel, you won't have ongoing income. Period.

    1. Dude,

      I dont understand why people like you and ex-eagle treat this business like a JOB and thinking if you do all the 9-5-3 BIB and all the stuff, you are suppose to get money. If a succesful businessman mentores you and lets say you set up the same business just like him in different area, can you gaurantee success like him??..same with this business.....As far as I could see its leadership driven business.....You acnt just build business like machine doing 9-5-3 without having any passion for business and expecting result.Even ganesh shenoy sponsor quit at when he is at 300 PV......You have to build business for your won reasons,not for your upline........

    2. Dude, where is the leadership in amway? Do one thing, just stop being on standing order for 6 months and see how your upline leaders treat you? Answer this, why would I have to pay high price for a book that is available in amazon for cheaper? If your leader wants to track what you read, or your team reads, how about a monthly status meeting or just an email about a book? Dude, in JOB people kiss boss's ass; in AMWAY/BWW, IBOs kiss their upline's ass. PERIOD.

  23. Anon @ July 27th 6:19 PM: Only thing that is ongoing about this business is the expense of being a committed and core IBO. After a while when you are not getting the results, the four basics does become drudgery and it becomes a monumental effort of setting the "right example" for your team.

    Funny that big pins tout Amway as "the light at the end of the tunnel." The turn over rate of IBOs would not be so high if they see even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

    Only a very few speakers present things differently. Almost everybody regurgitates the same thing or quote from books or other speakers and they justify this by saying that they are so glad that in Amway you dont have to update your skills and it has stayed the same for years and years.

    How many times have we heard Lata Gala starting her speech saying that they had a 3 yr old and 6 old and how difficult it was to leave the kids with the babysitter? How about religious guru Kulin Desai's same old same old "7 11" talk. Whenever we saw him, we would pray God please let him talk about something else.

    You have to give it to Sanjeev Sahay though. He uses analogies always to his advantage. When Amway changes name to Quixtar his take was " People dont call Lexus Toyota Plus, you know". When Quixtar again reverted back to Amway, his take was "Microsoft when they open in India dont call themselves, you all the countries it is Microsoft you know, same thing with Amway man.

    As far as Vishal Jain is concerned, it is really a wonder how he has people around him and how he went diamond, considering the jerk that he is.

  24. Very well said. After being in the business, if we are exposed to the system then lying becomes part of you. You are right about Vishal. It is a miracle how people are around him. I remember like yesterday his night owl after the BBS where he literally chewed guy who casually asked him how his trip was? This is a casual question anyone would ask when somebody is visit. I was like "who does he think he is"..amazing these people talk about people skills but all they do is kill people. The person who asked that question is a doctor.

    One time I was standing in Eagle line with this single lady q12 who told me and everyone around her about Vishal that he yelled at her for coming late. How come single day was picking up upline..what about cardinal rules..conveniently forgotten.

    Other funny thing was the Hastey hastey. All my uplines promoted it so much..and after my uplinks saw them they said it was not good. What a waste of time to all the people. They nicely say in the CDs ..don't mix businesses.. Whats the deal now? I totally lost faith in the system by looking at people who said something and did something else. Keep writing. You have more substance and material than you know Sahay

  25. Any new diamonds in Gala team this year or is it just Ganesh as a new Double? Any new diamonds in BWW? How does FED work if there are no new diamonds, do they ship in International pins?

    There are some people that are different. There was an emerald who was Ganesh downline who used to be very practical. Anubhav Jaisawal--he was a fantastic guy, and he had an independent mind and could think for himself while at the same time respecting his upline. I wish more pins were like him. Also the Pappalardo team at least seem NORMAL.

    In BWW team, especially Gala team, they turn edify into DEIfy. Larry Winters team used to be like that too before they left. I respect success, and big pins do touch many lives--I've seen it so I'm not diminishing that, however being an IBO doesn't make one automatically a better human being than the "retarded masses", and Amway is not the ONLY way in the world to be happy or succesful.

  26. Anubhav jaiswal -no more an emerald.

    1. Are Anubhav and Shweta Jaiswal are not active anymore? I used to like Anubhav's talks.

      What about Emeralds Deepak and Meenakshi Dutta?

  27. Well, even the tap rooting didn't help Mr.Jain group to exponentially grow !! We used to take vacations and Vishal used to dedicate his entire leadership meeting to criticize us , you know indirectly.. We put up enough of this crap.. Night owls are a sure way of getting you underperforming at your job.. I still have my uplinks working their jobs after being in this awesome business for 20 years..

  28. end of the day who got the riches and who got the rags... poor neha is working a job with no money given by him for what they both worked together for and he is buying cars after cars just to prove how great he is... what a shame!

    1. That is sad.What happened to he being an unconditional giver and server like his mentors Raj and Sangita mentioned from the stage at FED during his DD recognition? At the end of the day all is only a feel good stage talk for the mighty dollar in their pockets!!

  29. Guys it's all about the opinion what you get in life is it Money or personal development! I am in this business over an year now and I didn't make any money yet my first leg quit and I just started my new first leg again so not making enough money. But I am still in this business because what I have gain in this business would have not gain anywhere else is my personal development.. It has changed so much and I am really proud of where I am today both personally and professionally!!! Even me and my wife have much better relations than before.. I know what our upline diamonds say sometime does not make sense but it's all about what you take and with whom you relate.. No one says who you want ti like or not. I have spend lot of moeny in Amway but have gained one more amazing thing which is my health and my wives too.. Lost soo much weight and feel so good by using the products. If I have good health and I can make money as well. I know one day I will be making money as well but I have already got soo much out of this business personal development and health that I don't care about the money part!! I am already making good money in professional life :) so I just love this business.. Also no business in 100% perfect always remember that

  30. Where is your contact info dude? Or dudette?
    Why are you hiding if you are so right? The business is awesome but
    People are not perfect. People who are not makin $ are the ones who
    Don't show the plan, or retail products. And plain and simple they don't want lifestyle. They are happy with a job income and that's fine. To make money in Amway it takes work, like anything.
    Certain info are filtered so it doesn't become a distraction while achieving goals. If u realized that, u would be working the business and not typing in blogs without names or contact info. Who is the real wimp here?

    1. Hey sushmeet, what is your last name? You are calling out someone for being a wimp yet you are too chicken**** to put your last name. Your first name probably isn't even sushmeet.

      You probably missed the irony of your own post because you are a retard who thinks Amway is a legitimate business.

  31. the only link you have with ur upline is money, if you r not making making and using products you r upline is making a fortune out of your dollar. Be wise....

  32. Can you tell where is she working? i am an ex-downline, i wanted to get in touchhhh!!!

  33. why is so big deal? anybody can get divorce why are you guyz making so big DEAL of it? As if he is the first one one this planet?

  34. Tex I have to hand a golden trophy to you! In Malaysia these LCK's are all you made them up to be and worse. The brainwashing, manipulation and milking doesnt end.

    In the end I did gain something - THERE AIN'T SUCH A THING AS A FREE/CHEAP/EASY LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    I run a chain of cafes and other small businesses now. Its hard work, but hey- I actually get paid by my businesses and I am happy!

    I still do have N21 people calling me up for "a project" (same script even after all these years!) THey never give up now do they? When will they ever learn?

  35. there was a emerald in ganesh team called as deepak and minakshi dutta. they say he moved to india, but really speaking he quit business.

    there was a silver named dhirendra in our open part of his team who told me. now my upline told dhirendra quit as well.

  36. Life happens people. I love Amway for what it offers, Opportunity open for anyone wants good business, good products, good lifestyle, a chance at becoming achievers in free enterprise period. Saving marriages is another issue. Marriages grounded in love and spiritual awareness towards God & Jesus Christ saves marriages. In my opinion.

  37. I was part of team back when a certain couple were considered an "Emerald" & are now considered a “diamond”. Yes, it was a LONG time ago. During a post-open meeting/dinner (whatever it was called - probably a night owl); Upline was opening in England & wanted $150 membership fee payable to upline diamond. Well, wife and I were so "fired-up" about the Amway “business”, without hesitation signed a check & gave it to the upline direct or emerald, the check was in upline Diamond's name.

    The check cleared. Then, never heard anything about opening in England.

    For 2 years I pursued it, every month or 2, KEPT asking everyone from my immediate sponsor, to his sponsor (upline direct --> Emerald). They kept saying, "Don't worry about it, we have all paid it."

    However, my gut feeling kept telling me something is not right, especially, when I did not even receive any confirmation from Amway, nor did I receive a membership number - when you sign-up.
    Finally, we got fed up & started distrusting the upline. We left Amway soon after. Also, lost my job as a result of being involved in Amway with late nights, lost literary thousands of dollars.

    CONCLUSION to the England membership:
    Going back to the $150 supposedly part of the England team: After we finally stopped Amway altogether, I went my ex-sponsor (who also happens to be my cousin) - when I met him at a family event, and asked, “What happened with the $150?” He gave a lame excuse. I was already well prepared, I replied, “Do you realize I have written to Amway Corporation about this matter?” Without saying anything he walked away. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! Not more than 2 weeks later – I had check in the mail from the Upline direct….WHY???

    So, why did I get a check & the money back, when I agreed to become a distributor in England, & when ex-upline also paid to become a distributor? I REALLY DID WRITE TO AMWAY CORPORATION. Amway’s official response was, “they do not know anything, nor do they have any record of ME becoming a distributor in England”. There was no membership number assigned to me for England” – my ex-upline tried to con me. But, they failed – period. I suspect they all would’ve got a cut from the $150 if I kept quiet & said nothing.

    Being new to USA new at the time, I didn’t know, but if I knew better at the time I would have also contacted FTC, state Attorney General & also a newspaper to bring awareness to the public.

    If you don’t believe me, that’s your choice & your money. But, personally, I am so glad we did not continue with Amway.

    Latest on my ex-sponsor situation – He bought a house at literary the PEAK of the housing market in 2006, at the time after about 14 years of him+wife doing Amway & being the “best system – BWW”, he has not reached even a “Direct” level. Yes, he shows the plans, he goes to the Open, reads books, he goes to ALL the “yearly’ functions. Knowing him, he probably eats all the Nutrilite vitamins & granola bars. But, he is still fat. Ex-sponsor & his wife had a VERY special 2011, his wife retired after 17 years of doing Amway. Is that a record? His kids are virtually grown-up. So much for the 2-5 year retirement plan!!

    Well, everyone, if you are doing Amway, and are part of the BWW, good luck!!

    Couples in Amway say, “Amway brought them closer”, I say getting OUT of Amway brought my wife & I closer, being happier, and we’ve made REAL friends. We have gone on many flights, vacations with the money we did not spend on Amway products. Most of all – we GOT our lives back. I’d rather work 9-5 X 40 years, than lie through my teeth to make few dollars.

    I did not make it in the Amway business, because I was not willing to lie & become part of a team who always lie.

  38. Great episode from Anon Nov 12.. What he said is true. The way the system works is, they make you buy into the system. Once you sell out, they do tell this lie and that lie and it makes it look harmless white lies. Then after a while you have no clear idea whether it is a lie or not. If you question this, then they question your faith on the system. I had a similar experience with regards to Amway UK. I was actively building the business from 2004. When my upline started about Amway UK, I thought I can also do the same as myfriends were in UK. Long story short, I booked a ticket to UK to give personal touch so that I can spend time with my friend and show the plan. Spent about 1500$ on air ticket alone. My upline diamond Suparna Dutta asked me how many kits I would be needing and I told the lady upline that I will show the plan and based on the need, I will ask more. Immediately she said, "Don't you have an expectation that lot of people are joining the business"? It made me uncomfortable and she ordered 10 starter kits. The problem was only one person got started and all the 10 kits were decorating my friends living room in UK. When you ask a reasonable question about the cost, the answer from upline is " In business you will have to invest to get something back"..Great answer, but don't you think if you are really concerned about a longterm business, wouldn't you consider the downlines interests at heart? I loved listening to my upline Diamonds TD and Suparna Dutta who always used to boast about the number of signups which happens when they show the plan. I used to get very impressed and think "What should I do to have that kind of result?" When I look back, none of them built a long term business. What does it tell you? People do buy what they say when they do the presentation but after a period of time, they observe and watch what they do and obviously there is no coherence in how they acted versus what was shown. But for a fanatic like me who is slow to see all this, it did not strike me. I did observe good leaders who built it right and who had downlines interest first. So it is not about Amway being a bad opportunity. It has to do with the person's integrity as to how they want to build it. If you have the conscience to do the right thing always, then you can succeed in this opportunity. What did I do, did I change LOS to do that. No, just like exeagle, I was too tired and too hurt to give it a shot.

  39. So now because out of 3M IBOs in NA, a few got divorced and some disgruntled ex-ibos still cared to write comments over here instead of living their new lives, we should be really concerned about a $10B a year business!!

  40. Well Anon. Great to hear about 10 B a year in business. Great for Amway, Great for your upline Diamond..How about for you? When are you going to make it big? Forget about 10 B, how about 10 K? How about 1000$ from your business without huge personal consumption???When....yes we are unhappy ex IBOs who used to be excited IBOs. If you make it big, good for you. Look at your profit loss statement when you are filing taxes.. Not Amway's 10 B..That is for the DeVos-Van Andel families.

    Just like your Kumar says you cannot buy your workplace furniture. You cannot be excited about Amway's 10 B...You should be excited your pocket is getting bigger..Profit is bigger.

  41. Don't worry all iz well

  42. An anonymous commenter edited:

    I can tell you that the business is a great business. But the people in it are corrupt. Not everyone though. Things were clean until when Indians started taking over. Bill Britt being an American believed Kanti and co just like all Americans believe. And these guys took advantage of that and stretched it to a point where the business is affected now. In one of the meetings in 7 Springs, Kumar spoke. And the topic was Bill and Peggy are no longer together. His statement literally was this. "We are so fortunate that we have a leader in Kanti and Lata who stand for principles and who do what they say. We are so lucky that despite that guy (Bill Britt) giving up on what he taught us, we have a leader who stands for what he believes is and what he teaches." THat is what the loyalty these guys have. Fair weather friends. They will be there when things are fair but they will walk out when things go rough. If you get a chance you should talk to the Once upon a time Emerald Paresh Shah. You will get to hear some real things about Kanti and Lata and Neil. He was the frontline of Kanti and now he quit. Or talk to Vivek and Manisha Goel the 6th leg of Raj and Sangita Shah or Bic and Daksha, third leg of Raj and Sangita. You will come to know of so many truths about these holy people that your head will be blown off. The best teams to join and build the business now are Larry Winters team and the WWDB team. People fall and there is nothing wrong with it. But enough people are corrupt in the Gala organization to a point where the entire business is getting affected. Thankfully Winters team and WWDB team is not all that corrupt, so you will be ok there. Naradone team is great too. But their problem is they are overshadowed by the Gala team in BWW. I know Bill will never read this. But Bill, the reason John Crowe, Rex Renfrow, Winters left BWW is not because of your temporary separation with Peggy but because they felt out of place because of the too much of importance given to Gala team when you did not know how the Gala team builds the business and what the ground realities are. I hope you learn about them before you leave us all. You are a hero to me personally even to this day. I still listen to your CDs and tapes. You are a man of wisdom. But you have been mightily cheated and BWW has lost its repute because of the Gala team. God bless you Bill and Peggy and God bless the business and may god separate the milk and the water.

    1. You know I agree. I am no longer in business. I had actually seen Bill brought out Ganesh an d Neha on stage in 2004. That time they were brand new diamonds with their hot CD 5 yrs or 45 yrs. Bill asked Ganesh how many nights a week does he work the business. Ganesh replied 6 to 7 nights. Bill told him right there " Its suppose to be 5 nights a week. Slow down or you'll get burnt out".. This is exactly what happened in Ganesh and Neha's marriage. I feel sorry for Neha.

  43. About Bill and Peggy, my own upline emerald once told us that due to certain lawsuits they had to get seperated /divorced. We were like "Whatever. Why he is telling us this...when we didnt even ask anything." WE thought maybe he did not want us to ask him about any of the supposedly (true??) rumors.

  44. It's kind of funny to read all these comments from the so call ex-IBOs. The creator of this blog has not mentioned even their name and contact info. This itself proves that this is a fake blog created by a loser IBO who could not make profit out of the business and eventually quit the business. I feel pity on guys like you all. Anyways you broke people will always remain broke. You guys need to get life and think positive in life. And the so call ex eagle man!!! bill and peggy are not divorced.

    You guys do not qualify to comment on this multi billion dollar company when you are only making couple grand a month...haha.....shame on you guys on creating such blogs...

  45. Anonymous. Jan 15 2012.Well well well I agree..we as exIBOs did not mention our name because we didn't make money..You are the Albert Einstein of Amway...making tonnes of Money...Mr. Winner..Show me your Amway check or your last year 1099 statement. Then we will decide who is the loser...We are absolutely impressed that you took time to find us instead of doing nine core steps. or is the tenth core step is google about Amway and write in other people's blogs about how much money you are raking up in Amway.

  46. BWW - Bullshit World Wide

  47. @Anonymous Jan 15, 2012 10:46 AM, some of the stuff being discussed here is public record. For example, it is a FACT that there is court litigation between Bill Britt and former downlines in the Miller group. Do a search for "Henry Skaggs" lawsuit. Also I suggest you ask your upline about why the Crowe and Winter teams left.

    My point is that politicking and games happens here too. Don't beleive the hype. That stuff that went down is straight out of a soap opera. Now I'm not a judge, and if people are sleeping around, its their business, but then again I'm not the one judging "corporate america" or bashing prospects and "the masses, in their stinking jobs" am I? Humility is a virtue. IBOs would do well to practice humility.

    Being an IBO is an opportunity to serve, to learn success principles, and to possibly create a legacy. However it is NOT the only and only way in this world to succeed. IBOs should get off their pedestal.

  48. So childish. I find people complaining about a person who is very successful and a business that is successful. If you wanna talk reach his financial level and talk about him. 1st it is his personal life who gave you the right to poke your nose into. All those who talk do you guys have a perfect family. Don't answer cos we know if you say yest its a lie ;). So stop gossiping about others life and take care of your own. That what the bible says when you have a log in your eye dont try to spot a spec in your brothers eye. Think about it, its funny right

  49. And Ex-Eagle I share the same LOS as you, how do I reach you? Thanks

  50. Guys business is business. You sell product and make money. You teach someone to do the same and make smaller cut than them. This is well known business model. It works for insurance financial planning. Retail wholesale real estate. So it is established that the business works. Now for education system. Results proove success. If there are hundreds and thousands of people sell/consuming products that amway is multibillion dollar comapny then both the company and people are successful. So system works. So why is everyone being childish in making all this personal? Is it because you all are justifying you decision? You don't have to. It is your decision and you should be happy with it. You don't blog about you ex boss or company when you lose your job. 'cuz you didn't have a choice. You blog here because you had a choice to join or leave. As for what happens in someones bedroom is not anyones business. I was in business 10 years. I put in about 5000 per year so about 50,000. I lost money but got tax benefits. Learned how all business works. sold products, ENHANVED MY PEOPLE SKILLS. BECAME BETTER HUSBAND FATHER BUSINESSMAN AND FINANCIALLY INDEPEMDENT FROM WHAT I LEARNED. My experience is no different than yours but I took something from the system that can't be taken away from me. My pride. I think you lost yours. I urge you to relook at yourself you will find something that is invaluable. Apply your innocense and look inside you will see magic happen.

  51. Edited out No PV/BV's comment

    So many comments on this one blog! Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth of info to the above comments if anyone is interested :) There are documents/transcripts available that do show that Bill and Peggy Britt did file for separation. And whats interesting is that there is a recorded 911 call (written transcript also available) and coupe of pics of Bill Britt with a realtor "lady friend" and this was one of the reasons that the Britts filed for separation. So Mr. Bill Britt is not a saint, and he doesnt follow his own principles(what about cardinal rules and all that shit they dish out at these functions for which you spend approx $800 to attend) about preaching rather than living the ideals! And BWW people talk about him as if he is a Demi God. And we as Ex-IBO's are angered by the hypocrisy that is displayed at all times, the holier than thou attitude is sickening! These so called Diamonds, Emeralds and anyone with a fake pin have doled out umpteen talks, night owls etc stating how different they are from the corporate world, how they live ideal lives blah, blah, blah and they have talked bad and talked down to ppl outside the business. So why this hue and cry when its valid to ask "why would a Double diamond business couple end up getting divorced?" didnt the positive mental attitude and the power of spoken word work at all? They keep chanting about how marriages have been saved, revived etc SO WHY DID THIS SUCCESSFUL COUPLE GET DIVORCED?? MY POINT IS DONT MAKE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT IN THE BWW/AMWAY BUSINESS VILLIANS AND YOURSELVES TO BE SAINTS. These so called big pins lack integrity, ethics and values of any sort. According to them "helped" people by having them pump out PV (by stocking up on esprings, atmospheres, icooks and any new product which has high PV/BV) and when those people can no longer spit out PV, they are left out to hang dry. And they are delusional that they have driven miles and miles and they are helping people. Ofcourse they have to be delusional, otherwise how can one sleep with themselves every night. And all these anonymous people who have commented saying: reach his financial level and then talk abt him. We dont have to reach or stoop to his "financial" level as for that you need ZERO CONSCIENCE, LACK OF INTEGRITY AND A TOTAL LACK OF ANY HUMANITARIAN CONCERN FOR THE TRUSTING PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE FOLLOWING THEIR DREAM. Fortunately a lot of us Ex-IBO's got out of this mess before we were burnt beyond recovery. some of them were not that fortunate alas! And I can tell you that my Upline Emerald qualified every pin (1000PV and up until Emerald) by having people on his team max out pretty much every credit card they had and having them stock up on products. The upline diamond(in this case the forever eloquent Mr. Ajamni) was fully aware of this but ofcourse pretended he didnt know anything. And thats how it is, some people who reached really high pins quit either because they couldnt stomach the amount of dishonesty and greed practiced by LOS or they had serious disagreements about how the money should be split (from the tools--CDS/Functions etc). I think most common reason being money from tools not shared "equally" among top pins-case in point, Kant & Hemi Gala vs Bill & Peggy Britt (court case is still pending decision)

  52. No PV/BV

    Do send me ur email id. Will not post it and will get in touch with u.

  53. Those who cant make this business work make these comments in these blogs. When you point fingers at least 3 fingers are pointing back to you.I am making just $500 p month and not where I want to be. If you want to build it or be in it do so otherwise quit , there is nothing wrong but shut up.
    Blaming others for your failure wont take take you anywhere.

  54. The guy who met Ganesh Shenoy every 3 Months!!!April 25, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    Whoever talking negative go to your bed and dream, dream, dream and still dream for your life. Nothing will happens in your life. Think positive always. Dont think about this business Amway. If you follow positive in your life, Amway will follow you and take to higher level. Ganesh Shenoy is legend and man of Positive attitude. why are you talking about one's personal. no single benefit you will get. Hope you will undestand. God Bless!!!

    1. Good. Don't stop just with meeting him every 3 months; also make sure to follow him in life and keep your wife and kids in suspense. LOL


  56. @AnonymousMay 3, 2012 2:48 AM, so in your idea, everyone else is failure and they should be doing AMWAY with positive mindset.
    Let me ask you few questions.
    Do you know why people left BWW and started their own, including John Crowe? Are they negative and don't have right mindset to stick with BWW and build amway?

    Everything narrows down to MONEY buddy.

    If you naively believe all the Emeralds and Diamonds dont work and free, I am sorry dude, you are doomed. They have to work all night like I do in day and they also need to drive and fly miles to keep their business; just because they drag their wife and kids with them to the meeting does not mean they are free.

    They are same like the small biz owner, I see in the street; working hard to keep their business and the money; if people are not on standing order or not coming to function, their income will be drastically reduced.

    No q12 leg will run 20,000BV biz, the max your diamond can make from 6legs is $3000; and the depth bonus if they have any downline Emeralds or platinums. They rely on the yearly BONUS check from AMWAY and the SYSTEM money. if you don't see it yet, just get to the pin and you will see the ugly truth.

    Good luck on shelling out your hard earn dollars for some stupid ra ra tapes.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. Its none of their business to propagate about anybodys personal life its highly sensitive issue and by writing this rubbish stories and gossip creating negativity for those who aspire and have a dream to be successful in their life. Remember and realise When you point your 0ne finger towards others three fingers will point towards you.
    There is always Ups & Downs in one's life unless you are quite sure about it and even if you are sure no one has any right to publicly publish this type of information which does not benefit any one in anyway infact this will have a negative impact on others life.

    No one is perfect in this world.

    Always try to appreciate the good in the person and learn from that.

    Do you guys know what they are undergoing in their lives and can you solve their problem if this is true.

    Who are you and what right and authority do you have to write all these crap and openly publish these if the same thing happens to you guys how would you react you guys will go underground and disappear.

    I don't know if this true. But still I admire Ganesh Shenoy for his magnamity and simplicity with which he helps people and shares his wisdom and creating hope in peoples life to be successful and have a dream and fulfil.

    Ganesh Shenoy is a motivation for many young people let him do his job what he wants to and dont unnecessarily interfere which none of us have any right to.

    1. Well I had to listent to hours and hours of diamond IBO's fairy tale life stories, how they have an exemplary married life and what not. Have spent thousands of dollars to hear their life stories and watch life style vidoes. But nobody should talk about anything that is negative?

      Nobody would talk about Diamond IBO’s divorces if did not act like they were morally superior to anybody who is a non-IBO and did not stress so much about intangible benefits of the business strengthening their lives.

      For your information, Vishal Jain once said “Your marriage is fake if you are not in submission to your upline.” Unfortunately sometimes uplines marriages do fail and it makes me wonder if these uplines should even be mentoring downlines on their personal issues.

      I can understand your anger. But shouldn’t you be doing your nine core steps instead of spending your very limited time on WWW (world wide Whinners- (a standing order Book from BWW).

  58. @AnonymousMay 25, 2012 5:51 AM

    ""But still I admire Ganesh Shenoy for his magnamity and simplicity with which he helps people and shares his wisdom and creating hope in peoples life to be successful and have a dream and fulfil.""

    REALLY!!! Does anyone need any wisdom to build this business? all one need is RUTHLESS GUT to be BUSINESS PERSON.

    Here is the definition of Business Person.
    A business person (also businessman, business man, or businesswoman) is someone involved in a particular undertaking of activities, commercial or industrial, FOR THE PURPOSE OF GENERATING REVENUE FROM a combination of human, financial, and physical capital. An entrepreneur is an example of a business person.

    Don't just joke around here, buddy. LOL.

    About the rights on talking, Did you ever ask the same question to yourself? Who gave the rights to my DIAMONDS to bash people around. As Bill Britt says, seek the truth, that will give you all the answers; the bad part of knowing truth is IT IS BITTER.

    Do 9core steps; Go Ultimate Eagle; Drive Miles and Be Happy, dude.

  59. I was in the business for 5 years, reached 6000 PV,.. the reason I quit the business is because I realised that I need to be a good liar to succeed in this business..period... fake it till you make it as they say... well I was not good at faking... I was tired of lying to people.. and it starts the moment you make a cold to somebody in a store or try to paint a picture of a business that you know deep down is not true..people get sucked into this business at a young age usually, and then thy are stuck because of all the bull shit teachings from these so called daimonds who dont practice it themselves. if Ganesh and Neha had so much time for each other...why did they got divorced..if they had the perfect life, then what happened...and I know there is no such thing as a perfect life...then why does BWW promote it as if this is the only business on the planet worth doing..
    Students/young folks stay away... you will only lose money in this business...I know people who went so called "platinum" in 2006 and are still so called supposed platinum...they went platinum once buying 3000 PV a month..could not do it again and are stuck going to functions and buying CD's..cannot quit because they have 10 people in their wife and I are much more happier after we quit the business..

  60. Hi ExEagle:
    All the Diamonds rave about how they are financially free and put down education, check out this. Sahay who went Diamond in 2003..If she is so financially secure..why Masters in Financial Engineering..I am always oK with education..These people put down education and finally going back to school...Why is it because of gathering knowledge or Diamond income not sufficient??Something to think about...All these people are hypocrites..I hope she finds work at What do you think ExEagle...Doctors, Software Engineers going Diamond..How about Diamonds going back to school? They used to make jokes saying grandson and grandfather going to school together..If they want to talk good about Amway, they do not have put other stuff down..It can come back and haunt them...

    1. Shauna Sahay adding another degree. What can I say...Awesome:)Good for her. How do you get this kind of information? Thanks for the link though.

      Her bio says she hope to pursue a career as a credit quantitative analyst/strategist. Residual Amway income not enough??

    2. Hmmm...I wonder why Shauna Sahay does not mention her experience of successfully running a miltimillion dollar business across the globe, in her bio in the UCLA website.

      In Sanjiv and Shauna SAhay's bio from this website

      Sanjiv mentions that when he ses traffic congestion due to all commuters going to their JOB, it motivates him to build the business. Wonder what he says now about his wife's plan to commute back to work.

      I am not Amway, but I against bullshit diamonds who have to put down everything else to promote Amway and on the side, these diamonds and above go and do things that they put down from stage.

      I am willing to bet that many of the namesake diamonds are running other businesses on the side to make real money.

  61. Yes, Shauna might have felt it is not worth mentioning as it is not substantial..Something to think about..If she is a proud IBO, she would have bragged about it..Probably she is not.

  62. AnonymousMay 8, 2012 9:47 PM. Thanx for the reply bro. You should see how Amway Malaysia is doing and also Thailand. The new generation of the same "Q" you are talking about. I'm not doomed but it's all business competition.

    "Do you know why people left BWW and started their own, including John Crowe? Are they negative and don't have right mindset to stick with BWW and build amway?

    Everything narrows down to MONEY buddy".

    You are very right bro...."MONEY". Do you have enough....? Some or many people who were on the top list in Amway have left as per you. You know why....? It's very simple because Amway and BWW was their starting point to journey. By that, now they have new business but don't you forget one thing..... what ever business they have started by their own.. be it they left Amway and BWW.... they are still using the companies Vision strategy.

    Everything has a starting point...where it one knows. What i know is peoples dream come through by their own initiative.
    It can be from Amway and BWW or other business.


  63. is it confirmed that ganesh/neha are seperated? or could it be she just does not build the business any more?
    interesting reading this blog.. i would say yes, all F**ing uplines are great as long as you are doing your pv, and they do not have someone else below you.. once they find someone in your depth, they dont give a damn..
    when it is time to stretch and make uplines acheive their goals,
    then they remember you.. lot of wounds are freshing up.. we were in this Awesome business for many years. part of shah team,
    would love to chat with someone to get some true stories
    we were just too naive and brainwashed to see through the real intentions of these selfish people. freaking useless pieces of shit uplines.
    wonder why all these great pins quit.. pisses me off that they promote tools of people and suddenly make some stupid reason to stop promoting. for example in shah team. they stopeed promoting kanti and hemi gala or winters tools , once they left bww, and we spent years earlier listening to them.. i still have tons of tools.. anyone got any ideas if i can ever dispose them? i lost tons and tons of money and time in this business.. am grateful i am out!! not a very coherent post, but its my first :)

  64. Hey Exagle,
    just saw your response to my comments a while back. Not sure how I can send you my email address? Let me know.
    We did share the same upline emerald :)

  65. Sachin Adhikari former CEO of Britt World wide now moved to monavie? How can people do this, promote something to the roof and then jump to another MLM? Wonder how long his stay with monavie will last? Who's next?

    1. shraddha aur saburi Everything is going to b alright.. God bless u all.

  66. Wow! I didnt know all this about Shenoy story! Pathetic!

  67. Amway is not a bad business but BWW leaders brainwash people and use people's emotions for their advantage. In their CD's they suggest women to give up everything and do only the business. But if a woman has to go through a divorce, they don't give a damn about her anymore. She looses everything. no business, no job nothing. Not only that I know they put all the blame on the woman too. Paul Miller is a saint, it is all Debie's fault. Sad part is women themselves do it. Neha is another victim, that is all.

  68. Anonymous on July 10:
    Agree completely. And if they don't like you, they ignore you, don't pass emails/messages, interact with your people directly circumventing you, until you quit. Then they get your people directly under them. This is a known method, I have heard at the inner circle night owls. Seen diamonds get 2 legs from one this way. After wasting lots of years, I have seen personally and closely that saintly things preached from stage and what is practiced are North and South.

  69. All I know is this , I lost bunch of money. It did effect the family life as well. However from personal development stand point I picked few pointers and realized that I can buy books or motivational tapes from other speakers outside BWW and apply as well. So I started my own company and applied success principles. Sad part is that my DD uplines (kumar) who said that they are family and friends for life, are no longer in contact. We are now an outcast. But that's ok only time can tell who is your true friend and whose not. So sad to hear about Ganesh and Neha. Also found out that Dave and Shanita Daudnath are not together. Sajid and Sarwat Sayed are divorced as well.

  70. All I know is this , I lost bunch of money. It did effect the family life as well. However from personal development stand point I picked few pointers and realized that I can buy books or motivational tapes from other speakers outside BWW and apply as well. So I started my own company and applied success principles. Sad part is that my DD uplines (kumar) who said that they are family and friends for life, are no longer in contact. We are now an outcast. But that's ok only time can tell who is your true friend and whose not. So sad to hear about Ganesh and Neha. Also found out that Dave and Shanita Daudnath are not together. Sajid and Sarwat Sayed are divorced as well.

    1. The people skills stuff that you learn definitely helps and I think in general the experience has built our confidence. Glad to hear you wre able to use your experience to start your own company.

      Sad to know abt Dave and Shanita Doodnath and Sajid and Sarwat Sayed's divorces. How come all the divorced wives have been wiped out of BWW website?

      They talk abt 9-5 till 65. Amway is more than full time high stress job that you have to continue to do if you want the residual money to keep coming. The amount of pressure to keep up appearance takes a toll. With just a few people on team the pressure was so high. At diamond level I cant imagine what the pressure might be. The continued faking excitement must prick your conscience especially when you are constantly taking advantage of your downline.

  71. Are Dave and Shanita Doodnauth and Sajid and Sarvat Sayed also divorced.

    Shanita Doodnauth and Sarvat Sayed's profiles have been wiped out of BWW. That is not surprising considering that BWW is all about recreating history.

    Actually Sarvat Sayed's Linkedin profile says she was Diamond until 2013. Atleast she is honest enough to list it in her profile.

    It is sad that the business that was supposed to create legacies, life long friendships is breaking families.

    Know of any other diamonds, emeralds who are not requalifying or have quit?

    1. Lot of BWW Diamonds don't qualify every year because you don't see them go to Amway Diamond Club every year. Also a lot of Emeralds don't qualify but reason they hang in there because of the BWW System income. Sometimes they might be just Platinums but the Pin they got years ago guarantees them System income. Amway income is in Black & White but not the BWW System Income. They always talks from stage there is a 6 figure system income at Diamond level but they never show the break down.

  72. So Glad I am not in this anymore. Just found out Dave and Shanita Doodnauth got separated, Sajid and Sarwat Sayed got separated, John and Cathy Merris got separated…Old news was Ganesh and Neha.. Most of the diamonds used to claim how building the business got them together..These are handful of people whom we used to look up to for coaching. What does this say about the business and how it gets them closely..Just like Kumar says, I wish I saw this the day I got started in the business that this is not worth following..We live and learn..