Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doing 100 PV- Is it really redirecting your "Anyway Money"?

In the open meetings in the plan I have always seen the speaker mention redirecting "$250 of your anyways money " towards Amway purchases and the speaker implied many times that you will save 30% by shopping through Amway.

Well, I am posting the product bundles created by my uplines for new IBOs to complete their 100PV. The list does not include tax and shipping price. This product bundle was created after there were price reductions for most of the products. For some of the products the quantity is 2 or 3 - the PV, BV and the price has been multiplied by the quantity.

Sample Product Bundle for Single Lady

Product Quantity PV BV IBO Cost\

1)Nutrilite Daily
(3 month supply)
1qty 3.24 9.40 7.35

2)Nutrilite Conc Fruits
& Vegetables 1qty 11.76 34.09 26.64

3)Nutrilite Omega3 1qty 7.31 21.20 16.57

4)Artistry essentials Skin care
system(cleanser,toner,moisturizer) 1qty 13.48 39.10 30.56

5)Nutrilite Meal Bar
(case of 12 bars) 2Cases 9.46 41.13 27.42

6)XS Energy Drink 2Cases 15.84 45.84 45.84

7)Sa8 laundry (33 washloads) 1Case 8.78 25.45 9.31

8)Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1qty 1.35 3.91 3.91

9)Glister Toothpaste 1qty 0.70 2.03 3.39

10)Glister Oral Rinse (100 uses) 1qty 1.23 3.56 5.94

11)Glister Breath Freshener 1qty 1.04 3.04 5.08

12)Artistry essentials Replenishing
Eye Crème 1qty 7.74 22.46 17.55

13)Artistry essentials Polishing Scrub 1qty 6.60 19.13 14.95

14)Artistry essentials Makeup Kit 1qty 11.63 33.74 38.35

Total 100.16PV 304.08BV $243.55(Only $243.55 of your Anyway money)

Sample Product Bundle for Single Guy
Product Quantity PV BV IBO Cost
1)Men’s vitamin pack 1 6.59 19.12 14.94

2)Nutrilite Conc Fruits & Vegetables 1 11.76 34.09 26.64

3)Nutrilite Balanced
Health Omega 3 1 7.31 21.20 16.57

4)Tolsom Men’s Skin Care
(Facial cleansing foam, shave gel,
after shave splash, skin protective
lotion and skin smoothing gel) 1 19.37 56.19 63.88

5)Nutrilite Meal Bar (case of 12 bars) 2 9.46 41.13 27.42

6)XS Energy Drink 2 15.84 45.84 45.84

7)Nutrilite energy bar 2 7.88 22.86 25.98

8)Sa8 laundry (33 wash loads) 1 8.78 25.45 9.31

9)Pursue Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1 1.35 3.91 3.91

10)Hand wash ( 450 uses) 1 0.70 2.03 3.39

11)Dishwasher detergent 1 2.70 7.82 7.82

12)Dish Drops 1 2.36 6.84 6.84

13)Multi purpose cleaner 1 1.69 4.89 4.89

14)Satinique 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner 1 0.70 2.03 3.39

15)Glister Toothpaste 1 0.70 2.03 3.39

16)Glister Oral Rinse 1 1.23 3.56 5.94

17)Glister Breath Freshener 1 1.04 3.04 5.08

18)Deodorant 1 0.70 2.03 3.39

When we were active, we did 300pv personal volume every month. It costed us only about $750-$1000/month of our “anyway spending money”.

Since the personal use products like glister and the cleaning products last a long time, how do you do 100PV the next month- uplines will highly encourage you to get on to perfect health pack (double X- multivitamin, concentrated fruits and vegetables and omega 3 - which will gives about 38 PV). After all, getting onto perfect health is a small price to pay for your freedom.

I will sign off with the most impressive analogy I have ever heard about using products from your own business:

During India's freedom struggle from the British, Mahatma Gandhiji encouraged people to use khadi (a dress material that was spun in India) and not buy any products that were manufactured by the British- it was one of the non-violent movements to attain freedom from the British rule. Similarly are you willing to use 100% of the products from YOUR business to attain financial freedom???

Trust the BWW leaders to come up with logical analogies to confuse/influence/maipulate people.

You decide for your yourself from the sample product bundles, how much of your "ANYWAY MONEY" you will end up spending as a IBO.


  1. On the surface this seems perfectly logical that you simply replace your normal shopping with Amway and partner store products. But if you stop and take a good look, you will see that you are actually overspending by shopping thru Amway.

    1. i got the business plan last week it seems logical if at the end i will be making money, but do people make money like they said they would?

    2. Spending a little more? yes. Due mind that you are getting very high quality products! And no other place you shop at is going to pay you and make you money. In the long run this is extremely logical if you are willing to put in the work. - Tyler

  2. Well, we definitely were overspending by being true committed IBOs buying 100% of our products from Amway Global. Before the business, we had never had food bars, energy drinks, vitamins or used anything else Amway had to offer which had high PV/BV.

    1. they do sell steak, chicken and fish. you do eat those right?

    2. Awesome. How much PV do you make by buying steak, chicken and fish through Amway, like 5 PV? What do you do for the rest of the 295 PV.

    3. Why do you need 300 PV? I thought it was 100?

  3. Overspending for a better life or living a life of uncertainty and mediocrity; this is something which one has to decide as an individual. I admit that we will be overspending by purchasing Amway products for self-use. But this is a price we have to pay if we are aspiring for a financially secure tomorrow. We may keep on whining about the prices of Amway products, but is it going to get us anywhere? Amway will continue to grow in spite of our whining and we will continue to shrink and become all the more negative & cynical. Srinivas India

    1. So the choice seems to be either "Overspend for a better life" or "live a life of uncertainty and mediocrity". Not much of a choice if you ask me.

      "price to pay for a financially secure tomorrow"...

      Can you hear yourself? Overspend for a financial secure tomorrow... sounds like an oxymoron.

      - ex.Platinum

    2. if you were ex platinum you would swear by it and also be financially free. lets be serious here. nobody is taking into account the money you get back just for shopping through your own store.

    3. If you were ex-platinum you would swear by Amway AND be financially free. Let's be honest here. The real oxymoron is the fact that your handle is ex-platinum.

    4. Hi Anon,

      Well all the ex-IBO, ex-Platinum's experience is all fake and you pumped up from some silly cd have the absolute final say on all things about Amway. Please come back and comment here in 5 years if you are still in Amway and still pumped up.

    5. The business works, but you have to work it.
      Poor people prefer spend money entertaining themselves
      while rich people spend money EDUCATING themselves.
      At the end of the day you can make money or excuses, you cant do both. Be sceptical or be broke, your choice

    6. If EDUCATING myself means reading idiotic books like "Atilah the Hun", "WWW stands for - World wide Whiners", then NO THANK YOU.

      I dont see any difference between selective screening of messages by N.Korea vs the selective education the amway uplines want the downlines to pay for.

      As they continue to say in Amway, numbers dont lie, read the numbers that are provided by Amway as to what the average income is and then anyone can make an educated decision.

  4. The biz is so well packaged to mislead new comers and have them hooked in by assurances that someday there will be a return. I pity the IBO's who cant get out of it, inspite of knowing they are setting themselves up for failure cos of the rosy picture painted by a few at the top who are living out of the hardearned money of unsuspecting people. The whole system is so cunningly devised to touch upon those aspects which seem too good to be true but made to sound logical.

  5. if you were smart, you would setup customers to cover your spending costs. you DO own a business, and you DO sell products.

    1. Wow, Thank you for the suggestion. In addition to a full time job, plus 5 nights a week of showing the plan and then contacting, yes I had plenty of time to retail. Also in this day and age, Amway's shipping prices are ridiculous. Any auto customers one had, probably are now looking Amway products at Amazon, where tons of IBOs are selling

  6. Does anyone really believe there is a huge untapped market of people waiting to buy toilet paper and over priced energy drinks door to door.Spend your money on your families and don't buy this crap