Monday, January 4, 2010

Is the System really Interested in your Education or in their Profit?

One of the things that is often taught from the stage is that if you go to school you have to buy books or whatever learning materials- you don’t argue with that. Then why do you argue when we teach you have to buy books and cds. But in colleges or in school, the teacher does not really care about where you buy the book from- from or the school book store.

But your uplines are very particular about where you buy the book from. If these people are all for educating their people and do not care about their profits- why do they not let their people to buy books from sites like, or loan the book for free from their local library? Why do they want the IBOs to buy these books only from the uplines. The reason they give you – is that it is not duplicatable. The uplines claim that you really can’t keep track of what books people are buying and reading, but if you order through upline, you know for sure what book people are ordering and in which subject they are being educated on. One thing the system and the uplines are very very good at is giving analogies and making everything sound so logical. I think some of these diamonds, who are supposedly free, spend their time to think about analogies that sound very logical to counter every opposition(?excuse from the IBOs).

Many of the books promoted in the system are available in Amazon for 1 cent- in system depending on the book it might cost anywhere between $7-$15. These same guys have a big issue if you spend a few bucks on a starbucks coffee or go watch a movie- but it is ok to pay the FULL PRICE, when it comes to the system.

Sometimes the books that come through the book of the month are utterly ridiculous and makes you think- if they really wanted to educate you or if there was a major profit from that particular book to the system or worse yet the author of the book is a Diamond or above.

Example of some of the Idiotic books we received:

WWW stands for World Wide Whiners- In spite of running an online business, they want you to read this book with this title- Reason: To learn about why you should avoid internet negatives. As if telling somebody not to do something is going to work.

Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun- I could not figure out what leadership qualities you could learn from and apply in Amway business from somebody who was a barbarian and supposedly had 2000 wives.

By the way if you are not building the business any more, and are stuck with tons of books and if you have the patience, sell them on Amazon- You will for sure make some money without having to deal with mentoring(should it be tormenting) uplines.


  1. The system leaders are interested only in profit. They will make it seem as if they are interested in educating you. If they truly wanted you to learn, they would find ways to get you the useful information rather than having you pay for every oiece if information you receive.

    For example, why should you pay hundreds of dollars to fly to a conference when you could simply watch in on youtube or thru some other technology based application? Not to mention that same function will be evetually sold as a standing order which you will also pay for.

  2. What BWW has now started doing is upload training videos on This is called BWW TV- Yes, of course you have to pay/month to watch and learn from these videos. Where are most of these videos being made- At functions, which IBOs have to pay and attend. So bacially, the big pins get paid for the functions and then they get paid when IBOs watch these videos as well. One thing these big pins must be constantly thinking abt is how to increase their cash flow.

  3. Even the WWDB premier club is a hoax. They sell you cds cheaper - AFTER YOU PAY THEIR MONTHLY FEE! When you add it all up, the kingpins bottom line got bigger.

    It is also why they teach product loyalty but disregard the Amway voicemail

  4. I have learned through online blogs like yours that 'the system' is primarily designed to promote and reproduce itself since that how uplines above a certain level make their money. I am now in search for solid evidence that BWW emeralds and above make most of their income by taking a huge cut on CDS/Books/conference sales. If anyone has any documentation evidencing this,please share

  5. 1. BWW TV - I would be willing to pay for it provided that each function's recording is there. But No! There are very few short videos there. And new videos are added once or twice in a month! I am saying this who was on this technology since Feb 2011 and recently cancelled. Sadly, they bill quarter in advance and i just missed the next cycle

    2. I recently have decided to become inactive and asked my upline Emerald to cancel my SO. At first he said you have to write a letter and it takes 2 weeks!! And I am thinking, I never signed up on any Application so where does this 2 week thing come from??? I am educated enough to understand the procedure - which is the upline Platinum places order for X number of CDs and books at their "Cost" and turns it into profit by Selling to their downlines. Still, I just wanted to get the hell out of the business so I said ok I will write a letter. The next time I spoke with the Emerald, I said I have the letter and he says "Don't worry about it"!!!

    In one of your posts about getting refund on tools, you mentioned how BWW asks to check with your upline. And that's precisely true!

    They all violate the so-called 9 core steps!

  6. Anon at 12.37 PM,

    Your upline is giving you a bunch of BS.They want to dump on you, the tools they have already ordered, even though you have zero use for them as you have decided to become inactive. Weren't uplines supposed to be the people with their downlines interest in their mind?

    These same upline idiots would preach from stage, "if somebody returns tools, i dont take it to my upline, I sponsor a new leg and put them on standing order." So why dont they now, preach what they practice?

    Anways, I highly encourage you to give your sponsor/uplines a tough time by pressing for refunds. Have all your communications through email, so that you will have proof. Additionally they wont able to convince you, emotionally blackmail you or guilt trip you. If you dont ask for refund, a few months from now you will be angrier that you did not stand up to this upline bullying. I speak from our personal experience of having lost out on any tool refund. Dont bother about being nice, as the more nicer you are the more guilt trip tactics your uplines will use on you.

    These are Amway's rules of conduct from this link: During the first 90 days following an IBO's registration, the IBO may return all BSM of any form purchased, including meeting tickets, together with proof of purchase, for a 100% refund of the price paid for such BSM. Except as provided in Rule, an IBO end-user of BSM may return BSM purchased, together with proof of purchase, within 180 days following purchase, for a refund on commercially reasonable terms.

    So as per these Amway rules, you can return anything (even opened tools) upto 180 days from the time you bought them.

    If your upline never responds to your email asking for refunds, just email the Amway corporation that your request for refund is not being honored and cc your uplines, that should get them to do something.

    I hope you already know that all Amway products have 6 month refund. So if you dont need anything, just send them back and get your refund.

    I hope you will be able to get some refund and I would appreciate if you do get any refund if you can post a comment about your experience. I can post that as separate post, so that people are aware of it and able to atleast get back some money.

  7. Thanks a lot for doing this research for me! I will be sure to contact my upline.

  8. My update on BWW Technology ... Actually I wanted to request if you can write a post to expose this about BWW ...

    On May 20, my credit card was automatically charged for the next quarter (until Aug 20)for $50+ for the Bww TV and Webspace package ... It was around this time when I decided to not do the business anymore ... So, I missed cancelling that service and was charged ... anyway, that is fine and usual business practice ... However, next thing I noticed is that immediately my Website and BWW TV service stopped working even though I had paid until Aug 20!! I contacted Bww and they said that the service cancels immediately upon cancellation!

    Now that is not how businesses operate ... the so called "traditional" businesses that BWW puts down so much would either give me a partial refund or at least continue my service until the date I have paid for it!!

    I don't know where I can report a business practice like this ...


  10. Anon on May 30:

    On behalf of all the broke guys out here, we thank you so much for taking your time out of your busy schedule and your life to come here and bless us with your pearls of wisdom. We can't wait to hear your story during your rally. Take a chill pill man and we wish you could really joins us in the beaches of the world. Hope your team does not go broke with your emerald qualification.

    On a different note, remembered Ganesh Shenoy's famous punch line "If you dont listen to me now, you will get to listen to my standing order later on." We hope you will have only one rally story to tell and not have to recreate your life history.

    1. LOL. Made my day. IBOs with common sense will also realize that normal people dont go about labelling people, "quitters", "Losers", "Broke" so on and so forth.

      Anon on May 30th: Isn't that job of yours putting money on your upline's tool table and help you do your 300 + PV. Quit your job, fly solo on your "Emerald qualification income" and then talk the talk and walk the walk.

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