Tuesday, December 29, 2009

18 years with Bill Britt's 6-6-8-6-6 theory

If you were associated with BWW any time during 1990 to 2008, you might have heard of 6-6-8-6-6, supposedly the way to go CAM in Amway/quixtar business.

According to this CD/tape, you sponsor a batch of 6 in width in a short span - in one week or one day - and let them compete. You get 1 or 2 good legs out of 6 on an average and you work with them for a month or two and help them sponsor a few. Then you sponsor 6 more in width in a short span - that gets you 12 wide - according to Bill you should get 3 to 4 good ones and you go platinum with them. Then you sponsor 8 more quickly in a batch and you will go emerald. You then sponsor 6 and 6 once again - and you will go diamond.

Bill Britt claims he did this and all his guys did it too. Maybe Paul Miller did it and one more ex-BWW double diamond John Crowe did it.

But let us face some facts:

how many people can sponsor 6 in a short span?

The answer I found was 2 out of 700 - where did I come up with that number?

My upline diamond had a promotion a few years ago. He had about 700 people coming to functions - so these guys are just not "active" according to quixtar - these are really a small group of people in the "active" group. The promotion was to sponsor 2 legs each month for 3 months or 6 legs in 3 months. He told the promotion will not care what your pin is and you must sponsor 6 in 3 months to qualify - so even platinums and emeralds had to sponsor 6 new legs. After 3 months only 2 guys actually did it - and several IBOs, including me, worked very hard and sponsored 2 or 3 legs in those 3 months.

No platinum or emerald sponsored 6 in 3 months. Finally my diamond had to eat his words and invite all platinums and emeralds for the promotion - else he would have had to teach those 2 guys all his pearls of wisdom and won't have the crowd around him to give him that air of importance!

It took 18 years for Bill Britt and his leadership to finally realize that 6-6-8-6-6 was really a THEORY. Only 3 or 4 guys ever did it in BWW. Rest of the folks simply liked to hear it and thought they were going to do it some day! But it was never done!

Finally BWW changed the rules and introduced the concept of tap rooting - where you keep sponsoring in depth in one leg - so you keep going deep instead of wide and put all the new IBOs in depth - and BWW claims that they are growing the fastest in the whole world of Amway! Only time has to tell the answer, because 6 months of tap rooting only took my legs deep with absolutely no PV/BV increase. The guys who did nothing in width still do nothing in depth. We put about 20 people in tap root in 6 months - and 19 of them still did nothing. Were the people dumb or is the technique dumb? Or is this just another scheme to keep the IBOs in temporarily???


  1. Hei, i sponsored 6 in 80 days in 2002... but 4 of them quit within 3 months and 1 more after 6 months and the other one after 2 years. So you can do 6 in 3 months, but keeping them in is much much more difficult...

  2. And Amway admits that only about 1 in 5 IBOs ever sponsor a downline.

  3. In my opinion, currently with taprooting program in BWW- in particular in Gala LOS, every new IBO atleast sponsors 1 person. This is because the upline is giving his contacts and introducing each other and sponsors his contacts under new IBO. Also, if one person decides to get started, they call up everybody who was on fence after seeing the plan and tell them that if they get started now, they will get a new IBO. When Amway releases their statistics this year, there will be record breaking numbers for BWW- 1) Increase in new sign ups, 2) Increase in the number of new IBO's sponsoring atleast one person 3)Increased customer sales- this happens through 20% PV BV abuse- read that post for more details. But same deal for people who are at bottom- NO PROFIT

  4. I sponsored 56 people in one month and continue to sponsor not at that rate because what I have found that tap root alone doesn't work. You have to partner it with product and you have to have a team behind the person who can sponsor. I have started to encourage that the new IBO have a Grand Opening Party and order products as a Follow-up meeting. This is key. Tap Rooting alone got me to 1500 with 75 people, but my new 3 month old IBO has almost done 1000 with 12 IBOs because we are focusing on products more. Big difference! Contact me if you are interested in getting involved. Jeff Jlewis282@comcst.net 9787265491

  5. I sponsored 12 people with 1000 pv in 90 days.. BWW education works fantastic... I have business now in 5 countries... Just do it..

  6. sponsoring is not amway buisness, but volume with knowledge sharing is, it does not depend on how many people you sponser, but actually how many you duplicate. The core principle of the buisness, i feel is to spread awareness about the product and make people ralise why to use them, just getting them in your los wont get you anywhere.

  7. You yourself are a loser....you don't have a dream. I am not surprised to read that you were unable to do it. BWW system's teaching is absolutely fantastic. Such huge organisation is not a joke. You don't know how to teach people to compete or how to generate volume, and you thought you will grow BIG. If you don't have a dream as to why you want to build Amway business for yourself...no teaching is gonna work for you. Did u ever hear the term CORE....we've a definition for it Change Or Remain Employee.

    1. Yep, I sponsored 10 in 2 weeks. 4 quit and i had 6 right there. DREAM BIG or GO HOME.

  8. Once you decide to get started, don't quit. The decision must be clear, in your mind. The sky is not the limit, in Amway or any network company out there, your belief system is. Because you can only see as far as your mind allows. If you go into a cold contact, a meeting, a one on one, questioning then you need to go back to the decision and figure out what you want, write it down and zero in on that. This is a serious business. And, in todays economy of spend, tax, regulate and a debt expansion system of slavery, anyone that turns down or puts you down or this industry is quite frankly living in quiet desperation, Normalcy Bias and don't have a dream of freedom. They are worker drones. 6-6-8-6-6 isn't a theory because it's been proven, by more than once. It takes a lot of work. Remember what Bill taught at Britt School. Consistency + Persistency/ Faith x Works = Self Image

  9. i am a britt student .

  10. The reality is that not much money is being made from the soap and they don't disclose that to you. They just want to bring you to the meetings and then hustle you to buy the so called "tools for the business" without disclosing to you that they are making a portion of profits from all the business tools. This is called FRAUD.

  11. Mike Bundy and the rest of BWW will lie to your face so quick it will make your head spin