Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Your upline can rip you off using Amway promotions

Amway periodically announces promotions, where they usually give extra PV/BV for an item. This is a nice advantage for uplines who are trying to get to some pin. In some cases, you should do the math to see who really wins from such promotions.

There is a product called Zsenso tea. At one point Amway gave 20 PV/20 BV for $24 per case. The usual PV/BV you would expect for $24 is about 8 PV/24 BV, if the product is an Amway exclusive.

My upline was qualifying for platinum during those months, so they suggested we could "plug into upline's goals" by buying Zsenso tea, instead of other products for the same money. Let us say I had to do 300 PV that month, by spending $900, then in those months I could instead buy $900/$24 = 37 cases of Zsenso tea and get 740 PV!!!

So our house ended up with tons of Zsenso teas... how much could I drink? (I was in the loo most of the time :-). Also Zsenso had lots of sugar in it! But you see, they justify that sugar in Zsenso by telling it is fructose.) You see when you are naive and believe everything your upline says you do stupid things like this. Of course, your upline loves you!

Two years later I still had cases of Zsenso and disposed them, after the bottles had solid deposits settled at the bottom!

There are more recent promotions - BillMeLater, financing for e-spring & atmosphere, another promotion with gift albums, etc., I am no longer actively involved, but just heard a recent story. Many IBOs have bought gift albums for close to $1500 in one month! Will they sell it next month? I don't know... But some upline and the biggest upline AMWAY have definitely profited from this BIG DEAL. Imagine, just 5000 IBOs buying $500 worth of albums on an average - that shot up Amway's volume by $2,500,000 in one month!

Also Amway is claiming that their customer volume has shot up this year by 30 or 40%... some huge number like that! Of course, in paper this is true. But if you really look behind the scenes there is the AUTO CAPTURE customer option that is severely abused in several IBO teams. Read my other post here for details! Will Amway investigate this? I doubt it. Because they are selling more products and they have answer to FTC on paper now!

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  1. Hi:
    I know exactly about the Zsenso story. It was pathetic. I still regret it, but just like what you said, I did it because I thought 1 to 1 ratio is great. I am guilty of promoting it to my brother who also did the same thing. It took us from 2006-2009 to finish the Zsenso. I was so thankful it was gone..I can sense it from a distance. Green tea is supposed to be good. But too much of everything is NOT good. One thing I know is this is not changing the buying location. Who would buy cases and cases of green tea. I wish my brain worked at that time too. But anyways better late than never.