Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How much of your personal life is your upline controlling??

You think when you sign up in this business you are a Independent Business Owner. Freedom from your boss, you can set your own hours...etc...etc. You have been dreaming a lot..now wake up to the New world of a Amway Business Owner.

When we were building Amway we had a constant guilt feeling if we even spent a dollar on non-amway product or spent a few minutes over non-amway activity.

Our uplines were hovering over us all the time. In the system they talk about how "your boss and your pay cheque determines where you live, what car you drive". But literally in this business your upline does determine where you live, what car you drive, even what you eat.

If our uplines ever saw us spending a couple of dollars on a food that we liked or if we ate outside they would comment.."You could have spent that money on tools." The upline ladies were worse than mother in laws. If we ever went on a day of vacation, " she would say something like."Hope you guys had a great time..by the way..you know what our upline emerald only takes Amway sponsored vacations." At the next nuts and bolts event, we would have to sit through lectures about "delayed gratification, about the only way to do things in life is in style etc etc."

Delayed gratification for a year or two is ok..but delaying things forever in the hope that you are going to achieve material rewards through amway is just idiotic. In fact BWW constantly promotes to consult with your upline any purchase over $500. These same idiots would not have any problem with people getting into credit card debt for stocking up products, buying extra tools, or for that matter any expense related to business- coz business is the future

If you are a immigrant from a foreign country, the uplines heavily emphasize that you should travel home for a maximum of 2 weeks. These upline idiots are so scared that a IBO not in the clutches of the system, will fade away.

Uplines advice against getting a better job, as "The hunter who chases two rabbits catches neither one." If you are pursuing higher education, these idiots advice to get a job instead and not waste money and time on education and instead build the business.

Are you really an independent business owner???. If you think you are, tell your upline that "you are not going to do 100pv this month, not going to be on SOT for a 1 month or that you are not going to come for the next function" and see their reaction....(Just like Sugeet Ajmani says if you are really indispensable at your job, "Ask for atleast a $1 raise at your job and see your boss's response").


  1. Well said!

    I have personally interacted with Kumar Shivram. He probably did not study too well in school and college, bcoz he keeps picking on doctors and Ph.D. Since I am myself a Ph.D. I can say that he does not understand anything about people who have passion for any other profession. He usually justifies by telling the people who love their jobs are exceptions and he is talking to the general public. Ok - that may be true, but why do Amway/BWW guys need to keep putting all other professions down?

    They laugh at computer consultants and call them insultants. If not for computer guys, they won't have their web sites. If not for google or microsoft, you guys cannot even conduct your business today.

    They laugh at doctors - hello Mr. amway diamond, whom do you take your children to when they fall sick? Why don't you take them to your upline and let your upline take care of them for you? Why don't you just give them Nutrilite - it is supposed to cure cold, cough, everything, right?

    They laugh at researchers and professors and everyone else.

    No other profession is as negative as Amway profession, because they are the ones who really thrive on negatives - when the real estate market crashed, Amway guys were excited. When the .com bust happened Amway guys celebrated! But the fact is Amway's USA business has saturated at $1 billion for the past 3 or 4 years - and no one talks about that. Also Amway's web-site qui was #2 web-site in 1999 and in 2009 it is not even in top 25.

    But you see, when I was considering Amway business my sponsor told me to take the grocery store approach - that is, take only what you want and leave the things you do not want - like leave people putting down jobs, leave Bill Britt talking about religion and politics, etc., But slowly you are bombarded with this again and again - like how Hitler bombarded Germans with radio messages - then you start believing whatever they say on CDs is true!

    Amway guys - many people hate you bcoz you are hypocrites. You run to every professional for all your services, but somehow feel within you that all these guys are broke and stupid.

    1. I just am wondering where you are at in life now ? Has leaving changed your life for better or worse?

  2. Omg this is so true , and they even use pastors ( well sorta pastors ) like Paul Tsika to try and control you even more! I say a post by the ( the cult ) on another site about this guy. the Paul Tsika guy is horrible and committed adultery with other pastors childern ! what is this guy even doing consulting people.

  3. Paul tsika tired to ruin my marriage and to hit on me ! You do not want to be a pretty young women around Paul.

  4. I thought I already posted on here but I guess not. I am so excited to find a few places I can tell my story now about how Paul Tsika the pastor of WWDB not only visually violated me but he tried to way over step his role in our personal lives.

    No surprise he was busted for sleeping with pastors daughters who he was mentoring. Why would WWDB ever let this man dig into our personal lives?

  5. Hi iam new to being an ibo, i joined about a month ago. I feel pressured to attend these meetings and function because my coach keeps pressuring me to go. And she wont take a no. I was wondering if i tell her i want to quit, what could happen? And if i can still continue this but without being under their legs?

  6. no you cannot quit. they wont let you. I heard the tsika preach, all they care about is money. Money. MONEY. i hate how people hide behind God. do not give this man any more of your hard earned money. he and his family flant it around. why on earth would you need such a huge house for two people. they say its a restoration ranch for marriage counceling, but i have been their and my kids grew up with their kids. humble is not a word in their vocabulary. they WANT money!!!!