Monday, December 21, 2009

Amway can destroy marriages

One of the defenses that Amway people give to justify their very low incomes is "intangible" values. They frequently tell how Amway and BWW save marriages. At the outset it appears true. When you see the emeralds and the diamonds they act like they are perfect couples. You should see guys like Kumar Shivram and Sugeet Ajmani talk highly about their wives on stage. One wonders whether such a relationship is possible! Then you start thinking that maybe once you reach higher pin levels you will also have a great marriage, or that is what you are made to believe.

What is untold is the story of so many couples who are continuously failing to reach the goals they set. Well, you can see from the number of new pins at any event to get an estimate of how many are actually not succeeding at all. Their home is not a happy one. The husbands and wives will look cool and act with love in front of others, but when they are alone, they will actually be fighting with each other like cats and dogs.

After observing some emeralds and diamonds closely, it also became evident that they are also putting up a show in front of others.

Why do they keep promoting the intangibles?

Because 95% and above DO NOT MAKE ANY PROFIT from amway. To keep those guys in, you need to appeal to nobler motives, like Dale Carnegie's book "How to win friends and influence people" says. Amway people are expert in appealing to every kind of nobler motive - their whole business plan is told with very careful selection of words.

You should see how Bill Britt talks in the prayer service. He says that Amway leads people to Jesus and it is the best way you have to lead maximum number of people to God. WOW! That is the noblest of all motives to a Christian.

If you attend Muslim prayer service, they say similar things.

Hindu prayer service uses quotes from Bhagavad Gita and other religious texts.

One wonders why BWW should do all this. While it appears noble from outside, one can also think it is purely manipulative to keep the failing people in.

Of course, one should applaud the intelligence behind this whole idea, but if you ain't making profit with a business, then that one reason is good enough to leave.


  1. What part of the country are you in? Were you part of the Gala group on the West Coast or one of the various Britt groups in the South?

  2. I believe that Amway people get divorced just as much as anyone else in the country. Why would IBO's be any different?

    But it becomes an issue when Amway leaders talk about Amway saving marriages, or that IBOs have a very low divorce rate. It also doesn't help when some of these leaders get divorced (Kosage, Danzik, Miller) and others have been in compromise (Britt) and another potential divorce (Wolgamott?)

  3. amway is trash i hope it dies