Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life is great after I quit Amway

One of my biggest fears was created by the BWW leadership was that my life was going to suck if I quit Amway and my life will become horrible!

Well, I believed them and stuck around for several years with those idiots, just spending my time, money and efforts...

Actually I will tell you the truth:

MY LIFE IS GREAT! To tell you the truth, I hardly even think much about anything amway or BWW had to offer.

I am living a better and happier life pursuing my other dreams and goals, where I do not need to run after people and keep on going to meetings and keep clapping stupidly at the same jokes week after week at the open meetings, PASE meetings and functions.

I was a hypocrite when I was in that business, but now I can live my life freely and do not need to trouble others.

In fact my savings has gone up by more than $1500 per month after I quit amway/BWW! Amway/BWW does not help you save money. More than that I have freed up 30 to 40 hours a week of my time and am able to really do productive things.

Life is awesome! I am fired up! This is the truth.

In amway I used to keep saying these things, while I was feeling sick all the time!

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  1. Yes, the Amway zealots used to always try to think positively. In it self this is not bad, but it is overdone. Example, my sponsor got sick and he said he caught a "warm" instead of a cold.