Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amway 20% PV/BV uplift abuse

Now, there is a legal way to cheat in Amway.

This was taught by one of uplines (a big pin who has spoken on CDs) to me. My suspicion is my upline diamond is also aware of this or promoting this to his big pins, since I complained to him about this a year ago and still my upline big pin is forcing me to do this. (By the way, both of them talk about integrity, honesty from stage very well and have made several CDs on these topics.)

Amway/quixtar will give 20% uplift on PV/BV if you report customer sales. you can either do this yourself or quixtar will capture this automatically. What you report yourself is something you can cheat on... no one really checks. Amway assumes people follow honor code. But my upline big pin gives another nice idea.

Why not find someone, say a relative or friend, in your local area and register them as your customer? Then you ship all the products to them, get free shipping and the 20% PV/BV uplift...

NOW, isn't that a wonderful way to cheat the company that is paying you legally??? If you fight with him, he will not answer your question...

and you are supposed to be in "submission" to your upline and never embarrass your upline. But what if your upline is a third-rated cheat, who actually believes he is doing a great service to mankind while he is actually doing all dirty tricks to qualify for a pin??? Big booby trap, my dear fellow IBO!

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