Sunday, November 1, 2009

Truth about upline leaderships

Chances are your upline is promoting a leadership event to you. Here are some tips for you:

(1) If it is a PV based leadership and if you do not have enough people to back up the PV, then do not buy the products and stock up at home. It will soon become a habit.

(2) If it is a structure based leadership, do not fake any PV checks, SOTs, legs at functions or numbers at functions. If your upline says it is OK to attend the leadership, be man/woman/couple enough to say NO. If you sit in that leadership, you will lose your self image.

(3) Never buy anything on credit card and get into debt for any leaderships.

(4) If you did not re-qualify for a pin, do not keep going to those leadership events that you may be qualified for. Have the guts to tell "No, I will attend after I re-qualify."

(5) If your upline is reaching for some pin, then be extra careful. They may take advantage of any leaderships to achieve their pin goals.

QUALIFY RIGHT FOR EVERY LEADERSHIP EVENT. You will have enough money to cover the expenses and will really have fun. Else you will spend money for faking your pin/numbers/SOT and then spend more money to attend the leadership and will lose your self respect in the process!!!


  1. i am not longer involved with this stupid biz, but thanks for this post. i would like to share my personal experince.

    my upline diamond was Sugeet Ajmani, supposedly a guy who has stacked up a million dollars in his savings account... at least that was what he told everyone in 2006. in one of his 1000 pv leadership for which i qualified, he made this statement:

    "some of you... you qualified for 1000 PV somehow. you bought some products... the air around your home is now so clean... your neighbors love you for cleaning up the whole street... there is no ozone layer above your home now... because you are running all those atmosphere units you bought last month non-stop 24-by-7..."

    by the way, atmosphere is an air purifier sold by amway/quixtar and costed close to $1000. it had 250 pv or 300 pv when i bought it.

    i also laughed with others when he made this statement...

    actually i was sitting in this event and was thinking "how come he knows exactly what i did to qualify for the event?" :-). i was so new and so naive.

    later on i figured out that out of the 50 or so new qualifiers for that event only 2 or 3 really had any downlines. rest of them were all fake 1000 pv like me who bought many products for self use. imagine how much pv sugeet ajmani would have got out of this???

    after making all those statements, sugeet ajmani said

    "now that you are here, forget about the past. go back and fix your structure and get the 1000 pv done right this month!!!"

    so what was the point of that stupid leadership anyways???

    i did not qualify 1000 pv ever again and quit the biz. 1 year later. to my knowledge none of the new guys who came to that 1000 pv leadership that year even qualified silver in the next one year. but according to my upline platinum & emerald, that leadership event was gonna help me qualify platinum within the next 1 year!!!

    the guys who really profited from this were the uplines and the mega schemer sugeet ajmani profited the most.

    so i completely agree with what you say. if someone qualifies right, he may have some benefit. else he/she loses big bucks!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your negative experience, I think that no matter the company, having good leadership definately makes the difference. Sounds like you might not have had a very good support system

  3. i fully agree everything in amway is fake and bloated to the highest degree

  4. 600 PV ones are the worst of them all. Totally pointless nonsense. attended last year desai 600 pv in central california. no value addition, made us pay money for food, hotel. bear in mind we had the spring leadership two weeks back and we spent quite a bit of money for hotel, food. We were spending more time attending the meetings than implementing what we learned. now i am making more money (because i am not spending in these meetings at all)..My bank balance is great. If all the things they said are true, the number of people succeeding should lot higher. try getting out of the system and see how much they care. they are just vultures wanting your points. No points, no intangibles. if you say you do not have the money, they will give a talk about retailing. nice one, but can't you be a good example to show me how it is done instead of just talking that the money from retailing will solve all the problems. i am glad that i am out of this. no unnecessary guilt trips. no nonsense suresh partha, no crap from vishal jain.

    1. seems you all never understood the business and didn't do what you were supposed to do in first place. It is a system like any other and when you decide to do your own thing you will not succeed. I know for a fact that the Amway business is wonderful and will never quit. The support that I get from my uplines are tremendous but if you are treating this like a job instead of a business and do what you need to do you will not have those bad experiences. I personally admire Sugeet and proud to be part of Vishal and Sonika's team. If you quit you were not serious about your financial freedom any way.

    2. Good for you. This business is not for narrow-minded people like you. Whose fault is it if you're not implementing what the leaders teach? And the meetings are not held on a daily basis that you cannot implement what is told to you. The leaders are not going to hold your hand and take you to people for retailing. Learn to think big and independent. This is your business and you should have the sensibility to run it on your own taking cues from the leaders.

  5. They try to totally rule over you and much of your personal lives So much and so that you know you lose your family and they infact say that attending the conference is more important and leaving the child with the baby sitter . they say Babies are supposed to be with baby sitters - This was what my Upline told me, when he told me this we decided yes, this is it.we left the business but we continue to hold the membership because of the beautiful products. Products are good but the scheme is not

    1. I am glad you appreciate the products. However, all I would like to say is that a logical person will think of working hard for few years and giving a better future to their children instead of ruining your entire life after work and then not being able to spend time with family. I am sorry if I sound rude to you but facts are always bitter. All the leaders in the business have such an awesome family time and even their children are proud of what their parents have given up for them. If you cannot contribute to the business, please do not malign it.

  6. You do know that the "hotel bills" and these bills and that bills and the CD's books all of that is tax deductible right?

    1. And I hope you know that you cannot claim losses year after year. Our accountant practically laughed when he saw our flight tickets and other hotel bills that we had piled on attending "leaderships" to make an income of less than 3K

    2. Let him/her stay in for 3 years after which they cannot claim losses unless they show a promise of profit in the near future.

      Well, IRS audit hasn't happened to them yet.


  7. Amway leaders are so deceiving and arrogant by bullshitting all sorts of lies. They are so self centered and manipulate people with continuous brain washing garbage to their downlines. All the top earners of Amway are making a majority of their income from Britt World Wide (BWW) system that includes books, CDs, meetings, business seminars and major functions. The best part is that there are 4 major functions in a year and each event ticket costing over $100 which does not include hotel, food, fuel etc.

    1. Winter conference (January)
    2. Spring conference (April)
    3. Summer conference (July)
    4. FED (October)

  8. There is new name for 600 PV /1000 PV leaderships. It is called Bootcamp. Gala Bootcamp, Desai Bootcamp and Dutta Bootcamp. The thing that is shared will not be obtained elsewhere in any CDs. The things that you learn from these will help you go Platinum starting yesterday and you will be the next Platinum. All these fired up IBOs do the definition of status which is widely quoted. Spend the money you don't have to impress your upline who doesn't care about your financial status anyway. Look at the amount of money you spend in tools, CDs, air tickets from Denver, Colorado to NJ, Dallas, TX to NJ, Chicago, to NJ..Phoenix to NJ..Los Angeles to NJ, San Jose to NJ. All these special people will get special recognition from the Diamond Dutta for the sacrifice. Wake up IBOs and look at the money and time you spend on these. First week of Nov is FED and second week is Boot camp..Third week is BBS..All the weekends are dedicated for attending meetings and spending your hard earned money. When do you get to apply what you learned? How will you do your 300 PV after you spend all your money in these leaderships? Boot camp means booting money from your bank account somewhere. God open up these IBOs brains and wake them up…It is time.

  9. Ban this bullshit!