Sunday, November 1, 2009

Truth about how much platinums make

The actual platinum income is not what they show in the plan!

The platinum income of $2677/month portrayed in the 6-4-2 plan is only for the 6-4-2 plan. The additional $20,000 bonus, which makes the total platinum income to $52,000/yr, is only if the 7500 PV is maintained month after month for 12 months.

Your actual platinumship (if at all you go platinum right) should be like this:

You will have one 4000 PV leg, one 2500 PV leg and one 1000 PV leg.
(Hopefully none of your downlines had to put additional money to stock up the products in a warehouse! If they did, chances are they won't stay with you for long!)

If you REALLY have this when you go platinum, you must be SUPER-excited...

Your net income with such a structure will give you optimistically:

(4000PV*4% + 2500PV*7% + 1000PV*13%)* 3BV/PV = $1395.

off your downline's volume, provided you do your 50 PV CSAR.

(If you did not get the Math for this, STOP showing the plan and first figure out how your plan, the one you are supposed to show 5 times/week actually works!)

If you do a 300 PV that month, then you will make an additional 300*3*25%=$225. That gets your total to $1620 - which is a WHOPPING $1057/month less than what you see and show in the plan.

BUT YOU SEE - you need to show the plan as 6-4-2... and you need to lie telling
1 PV = $2.50...
while it is a long time since it changed to:
1 PV = $3.00...

And think about 300 PV - that is a difference of $150/month!!!

Also the above figure is assuming all the PV came from high BV items. Have you figured out the relationships between PV, BV, IBO cost, suggested retail cost? If not, dude, you need to do your homework!

Now the truth is about 90% of the platinums do not have even this! Many of them buy anywhere from 1000 PV to 4000 PV per month to go platinum for various "intangible" reasons and lose money overall.

According to one CD made by a very famous young single emerald, the average number of active legs that platinums have is 2 - this statistic is your company's statistic - not your education system's statistic. That means you will make much less than what I showed above...

Also many of the platinums who are recognized at the end of your open meetings are not true platinums. They are guys who qualified platinum some time in their IBO career! Some of them did not re-qualify even after 10 years! They may actually be 1000 PV. How do I know? I was close to becoming one of them!!!

Litmus test for your upline platinum - is he/she/they going to Q12 trip? If not, they did not qualify for 12-out-of-12 7500 PV last year. They are fake platinums. In my experience, including myself, about 90% of all platinums are fake platinums, making only anywhere from $300 to $700/month, not the portrayed $2677/month.

Silver - is even a worse pin to have. That is 7500 PV in one month, some time in the career. The first time I went silver, I bought more than 5000 PV with upline recommendation. Why? Because one of my uplines was reaching a BIG pin! Where did I come up with the money? Credit cards!!! Why did I do it? To be in submission to upline and for plugging into upline's goals, so that my downlines will plug into my goals. That is a BIG BIG trap - please do not fall for that crap!

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  1. I am so glad I didn't get stuck in this.

    Your upline will always say "I see a silver in you, pin has to just catch up. It's just a matter of time till you make that decision"

    I used to feel so inflated when I used to hear this being said to me. Then one time before Shah Go Diamond my upline tells me after a PASE meeting "it's time you show everyone you are serious about your business. And it's also a way to thank our upline Platinum"

    I was like dude.. I have just 2 people in my team who are not even here today, and I must have made 72PV this month total. How would you even think this nonsense.