Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why this hype about HONESTY and INTEGRITY?????

Bill Britt would often ask from stage “Have any of you heard or seen anything immoral or illegal”? at functions. We would feel like shouting from the top of our voice “YES YES YES.” But lamely everybody in the crowd would say “NO.” How could you reply anything but no to this question when asked from a stage in front of 5000 people.

Double Diamond Kumar would often say, unlike other corporations- in this business, the higher up you go, there is no one doing any secret deals and it is all so honest and transparent and how united everybody is. This same guy, once Larry Winters team was out of BWW, was making fun of the Winter’s team diamonds and made fun of one of the cds made by their diamond- “Wednesday through Monday,”- he was like what a idiotic title and blah blah blah. Paul Miller, Bill Britt, Rocky Covington from stage implied Winters team were greedy and imitated and made fun of some of their diamonds.

Why should they keep talking about how honest they are all the time and make fun of corporations like Enron or whatever new scam that breaks out on the news at that point of time. Honesty and integrity is all stage talk. From stage they will say build it right, build it with structure. When you counsel with upline, they will say you cannot do everything that u hear from the stage.

In fact one of the 9 core steps is building the business with honesty and integrity. One of the nuggets of Kumar is – “In every other business the bottom line is money. But in this business the bottom line is about people.” If the bottom line is people, why are they being asked to stock up products, buy fake pins (including qualifying as a Eagle fakely), why stroke people’s ego to make them move on.” The Bottom line in this business is not people- but FAKE PINS and FAKE RECOGNITION.

Stocking up products, buying fake pins is very very common within the system. If the hype about people who qualify for eagle leadership will start platinum qualification in 3-6 months, why haven’t the 200-300 people who qualify every year for the eagle leadership in my upline diamond’s team do not start their platinum qualification in 3-6 months. Only 2-3 people, at the max 5 people qualify as new platinum every year in his team. If you ask this question to your upline- “You will be branded as a person who does not have faith, who is not loyal, not a team player, etc etc etc.”

If you ever decide to leave the business, try asking your upline for tool refund as mentioned in BSMAA- your upline’s honesty and integrity will come to light. At least WWDB website mentions about tool refund as mentioned in BSMAA agreement. In BWW website there is no mention about tool refunds or BSMAA agreement. When we sent an email to BWW asking about if there was any tool refund, they replied us back saying we have to check with upline, as “we were not direct customers of BWW.”- They did not mention anything about the tool refund that is possible as specified in BSMAA. This after every one of their cd carrying a disclaimer message at the end about the refund that is possible.

When we asked upline, they said they offer tool refunds only to new people who try out standing order for the first time. This refund they said is similar to often repeated statement to new prospects that “function ticket will be fully refunded if you attend all the sessions and don’t think it does not have any value .”

Your uplines and the system is all about Honesty and Integrity and you will experience it very soon if you have not already experienced it.


  1. The diamonds have a lot of contradictory statements. Like get out of debt, unless you need to charge a function. On stage they might mention retailing, then after a platinum and above meeting, our platinum would tell us that selling is not needed. They will tell you anything that will get you to "invest" in more tools.

  2. The bottom line of people is correct, because it leads to everything that the upline leader desires. More people = more product sales, more potential people on standing order tools, and more filled seats at seminars and major conferences.

  3. Well they speak like this from the stage because it sounds very good, doesnt it? A lot of new IBO's (like how we were when we first came to a function) think after listening to these thumping speeches that there must be some truth to what is being said. Lil do they realize (alas too late) that these speeches are nothin but a bunch of bull...Talk abt cardinal rules, what a bunch of abused rules these are. What happened when Jwalant Vakil (Emerald in Shah/shenoy/Jyotiprakash) team was having an affair with his downline lady? They hushed it up and moved right along. Same thing with Paul Miller who was carrying on with his secretary Leslie while still being married to Debbie. What did the Bible thumping and immorality basher Bill Britt do? He hushed it up and everything was swept under the carpet. And what abt Mr. Britt himself? He was involved with a real estate agent in Florida and that agent filed a 911 call against him for behaving inappropriately with her! So much for ethics, integrity and honesty. I cannot believe that I bought into their whole speel and lost tens and thousands of dollars, and almost lost my sanity!

    1. Some people have to get,conseling after they were brainwashed

  4. Some great examples of Honesty and Integrity in BWW -

    1. Faking customer orders by registering family (who we couldn't convince to get into business!) as "Customers"
    2. Buying more tickets for the NEXT BIG function for the downline that doesn't exist yet
    3. Line up 8 hours before the function (or more!) and then pushing and shoving everyone as soon as doors open like junglee rascals
    4. Saving entire rows v/s the "allowed" 1
    5. Upline Emeralds not punishing IBOs (my sponsor) who outrightly break cardinal rules just because he brings in business (PV).
    .... and so on ...

    1. Why don't you guys list the good things about corporate or any other business.

      1/ As far investment is concerned: Your dady paid all his earnings to your school/college and you spent 20+ years of your life before getting a job.. and that too just on a hope. There is nothing for free!!
      2/ Even in a job people use their own resources such as laptop, mobile, internet etc. to support their boss's business.. Smart fools!!
      3/ There is no integrity in corporate: You work more hours then you fill in your timesheet. Again smart fools!!
      4/ Amway business has been rated # 28 by Forbes.
      5/ Amway has been rated A+ by BBB.org
      6/ The chairman of Amway is also the chairman of United States Chamber of Commerce. The idiots who wrote all this junk here are no one..

  5. Look if you can't figure out how to sell the product you get that's your fault.... If you are an eagle which means you have all those people on standing order and you are showing 20 plans a months for 3-6 months you will qualify platinum or you will be so close there would be no reason for you to stop... If you were an "eagle" for 3-6 months and you didn't make it, you were lying about the work you were doing period... People who are willing to invest lots of money into conferences and tools, are supposed to be the ones filtered out and willing to do the work and not be a liar...

  6. Also amway and BWW cannot 100% control everyone, they set the rules and the standards... If you don't like the way your up line runs and or conducts their business, put in the many hours of work they did and run your own meetings and business

    1. Unfortunately they have deep pockets,you would have no success in court