Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tool Refund policy as per BSMAA

Just wanted to post an email conversation with an employee at BWW. When we decided to become inactive, I emailed BWW asking about what the tool refund policy was. I was not aware of refund available for tools for upto 6 months when I sent this email. I later searched online and found out about the tool refund details specified in BSMAA about it- That is the awarness level of rules among active IBOs.

The person at BWW who responded to my email, did not give out any information on tool refunds and wanted us to deal with uplines -So much for following rules.

I do also have an email which I sent my upline asking about tool refund and him replying that tool refund was available for only new IBOs who are trying out standing order for the first time- So much for following rules. Talking about rules, I am totally amazed how my upline broke a "vital rule" by responding by email (usually real email conversations are avoided as much as possible, expect for the usual "fired up" kate emails, to avoid written trails)

Anyways, here is the conversation with BWW:

date: Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 9:02 AM
subject: Regarding Tools return policy


I wanted to know about the tools return policy.

Is it full refunded on unopened tools purchased within the last 90 days by the person from whom you bought the tools (Immediate upline)?

It would be great if you can get back to me on this. Also wanted to know where I could find more information about the BWW tools return policy. I could not find them on BWW website.

I would appreciate it if you could get back to me at the earliest possible.

Thank you

from Danny Hill
date Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 9:33 AM
subject RE: Regarding Tools return policy


you will need to consult your upline about returns. They should be able to let you know any guidelines.


to Danny Hill ,
date Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 9:44 AM
subject Re: Regarding Tools return policy


How can you send a vague reply like this? So, you are telling me that BWW has no tools return policy of its own and every upline has their own policy.

If I contact my upline about this they will tell me, that I should check with BWW about the return policy.

What about the disclaimer message at the end of very CD that “it qualifies for refund”- so that message is not of BWW’s?

Can you please let me know, if BWW has a tool refund policy or not? Please provide me a Yes or No answer and if Yes, can u let me know what that is.

Thank you very much

from Danny Hill
date Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 9:47 AM
subject RE: Regarding Tools return policy


BWW return policies are for IBO’s that purchase directly from BWW. You are not a direct customer of BWW. That is why I suggested to go upline. Please have your first upline who orders from BWW contact us if there are any problems. We will be glad to assist.


Of course, this is an isolated event and it does not happen to other IBOS. I should follow up with IBOAI etc etc on this and not be posting anonymous posts.


  1. Why am I not surprised?

    This is a typical runaround technique that is designed to frustrate the consumer into just letting it go.

    I thought BWW was an awesome organization who cared about everyone? Not by their actions they don't.

    Looks like strategic incompetence isn't isolated to the Amway corporation!

    I highly doubt people have as much trouble getting the useless motivation as they do returning it.

    No problems like that in Wal-Mart! But then , they are a successful, legitimate business.

  2. The bottom line is you are only going to get back a small percentage of what you spent.

    I suggest you contact Amway. Here's the rules supervisor: karen.o'

  3. If what you say is true, forward the e-mail to Amway (you should have the e-mails in your inbox as proof). Copy all your uplines, and BWWNA. Just say you're trying to clarify what the actual return policy on tools is.

    BWW is dealing with cash and checks. Obviously refunds will be problematic.

  4. Hmm, interesting to see people passing the buck instead of tackling the problem. Why didn't you put the email which you sent to upline and his response on that(with the name of your upline) so that he can get exposed? Now I am little concerned. If I had to return, whom should I contact if both BWW and the upline is not taking responsibility.

  5. Rahul: Refund is possible as per BSMAA for tools purchased in the last 6 months- i think full refund for unopened tools and for opened tools there is something like commercially acceptable price or something like that. Whoever worded the BSMAA document did not have the interest of the low level IBOs in mind. You will know it if you read through the document.

    But again, uplines will not just like that give this refund- you have to be willing to to lose piece of mind, develop more hard feelings,get in touch with quixtar rules dept, go through guilt trip (like u are asking refund from somebody who has helped u so much) etc.

    We had abt $1000-1500 worth of unopened tools we returned. Most of it was of course more than 6 months old. We did not want to go through the hazzle of dealing with these guys, to get a refund. We told them to donate to charity, whatever tools they moved. Hopefully, they did donate.

  6. Don't kid yourself, they resold them and kept the profit. You would have done better on eBay.

  7. File a formal complaint with the BBB.

  8. It won't work. The BBB tells you to write a letter to the AG. Check my site the next few days for that story....