Friday, March 5, 2010

Downline's NUGGETS of Wisdom

1) If you are talking to your downline, don’t start the conversation with the excitement that is supposedly going on with you other legs. Believe me it ticks off people, and does not motivate them
( please go back and read again “How to win friends and influence people”, a book which you have been promoting to everybody). If growth is happening in your other legs, people will find out from kate messages and from seeing those people at the associations. It is mildly amusing to see the people about whom you were gushing so much, vanish in a few months.

2) On one hand you are totally fine with people spending 10’s of thousands of dollars to stock up products, to fly and drive to different parts of the country to help build ???teams(one IBO is according to you TEAM) and invest thousands of dollars in old tapes and cds- but when you go to your downline’s house, you criticize them for spending $3-4 on pickles or some spice powder- your downlines might not argue with you when you criticize them for such small things- but inside they are seething with anger.

3) It is OK for people to go on a vacation, honeymoon, go on a trip to India. You don’t have to be a mother- in- law and tell people how you did not go on any vacation or your upline did not go on any vacation, you went to India for 1 week for ur marriage, you did not even attend your own brother’s wedding etc. We know that your real reason for this advice is you are scare out of your lives that when people are out of system for 2-3 weeks, they will fade away. You would rather have people invest (spend) in tools and products rather than spend that money on vacations.

4) It is OK for people to return products. Amway says so. You don’t have to come up with theories like, “If we bought it , we kept it”. I am stuck with sooooooo much jewellery , which looked nice in catalog but did not look good when I actually got them and kept them with me anyways, because you once said not to return products, because your upline was in sapphire qualification and they needed all the side volume that they could get. Not to mention extra sets of icook, Genesona etc etc etc.

5) You do everything against people’s skills, but later remember people’s birthdays, anniversaries etc and wish them and expect that people are going to turn around and appreciate your thoughtfulness. In fact it feels like you want to use every possible occasion to intrude back again into people’s lives.

6)On one hand you expect people to buy world class products from Amway and expect the same people to shop for non-Amway products from dollar store, Food for less, Ross etc. What happened to your wonderful lines about, " People know the cost of everything but value of nothing"???? Please remember that even Amway wants people to eat real "fruits and vegetables" and "real food", in addition to the "Concentrated fruits and vegetables supplement" and food bars and shakes.

7) Please don’t give theoretical advice like so and so sold so went Q12 by putting up a jewellery display in hospitals or so and so spent $1000 for putting up a stall in bridal shows and are getting tremendous results- and expect your downlines would go and do the same). Why don’t you do these things yourself and produce some results, before expecting your downlines to do the same things??

8) Don’t advice people on what kind of jobs they should get, whether they shld continue their education or not, just because according to you people should have a certain job profile to build the business). According to Napoleon Hill, put other’s interest ahead of your own interest. For somebody who can quote pages of pages of Napoleon Hill’s book to prove your points, I am really surprised you do not pay ANY attention to this particular line. Can you ever put other’s interest ahead of your own interest and please you don’t have to decide what is the best decision for others.

9) Most importantly don’t give your expert advice on how and when and where people should get married. Don’t cite examples of people who are moving on(according to you), because they got married and urge/encourage people on your team to get married. Don’t play with people’s personal lives.


  1. The married thing is true. I got married a little early, and got engaged a little early (it worked out fine in the end so I'm not complaining necessarily, but it was hard for her initially) because we were not supposed to be dating. In BWW you cannot date. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you're considered "single".

    I'd like to see you post sometime on crosslining, the cardinal rules, etc. This is good information because much of it does happen, education is best.

    Also for fairplay, I'd like you to make a good post on some good things you learned while in Amway or about Entreprenurship. It can't all have been that bad, though maybe for you because you were that close to a qualifying emerald, the pressure was different?

    Can't argue with Amways products, or some of the succes principles the systems teach (though obvioiusly, Amway systems don't have a monopoly on self-development).

  2. Looks like your upline really messed up with cardinal rules big times. Loaning you money to stock up products and messing up with other people's ego.In the name of friendship, they really have messed it up. If I had experienced this much amount of torture, I would have done the same. I used to believe these brothers so much and have promoted them big time. Now I really feel bad because they are not worth promoted about. Suresh and Madhuri Raghavan, Ramesh and Vasudha Raghavan. Watch out for these people..They are out there to get your money. Run away from them. If they can do this to "so called friends", just imagine how they would treat the strangers. These people mess up BWW, Amwayglobal and people who do the things right finally have to pay. Can you return the products back to Amwayglobal for your money back?

  3. Awesome post man. We should have a convention where people can dress up however they want to, not have to eat protein bars, can take bathroom breaks during talks, can go for a snack during a talk and dole out advice for shitty uplines and laugh like mad people.

    We would go out for a day or two, when we were active in the business and we would feel so guilty about taking that trip. We would have to consult with upline(What kind of shit is that?), before we decide to take a trip on a weekend and all the stars and Sun and moon have to be in alignment(No leadership, No seminar rally during that weekend, no crappy upline home meetings anywhere around 300-400 miles near you and what not). If we did go somewhere for the weekend, we sure had to attend PASE meeting on Friday night, stay for the late night owl and come back to attend Sunday phone meeting meeting. I know you are asking, you manage to squeeze in a trip with all that time constrictions and expect to return back rejuvenated, ready to take on all the losers of the world.

    Seriously, what is with the delayed gratification deal and building this stupid business? Shitty uplines cant practice delayed gratification and get platinum done a year later let their downlines have a life? At work, they promote work life business. It should be the same with the business as well. After all, don’t they preach God and then Family and then job and then comes business.

    If you are an average Joe IBO, and you had the money and your parents can afford it, will your uplines keep their mouth shut if you had a lavish wedding like Kavan and Anjali. Will your upline let you go to India to shop for your wedding? Will your upline keep their mouth shut about going on a honeymoon to Hawaii and to Montreal for first anniversary. You just have to read their twitter feeds to read about all their trips they take and the sports events that they go to. Now, as a average joe IBO if you did all that, you will be the focus on a night owl with the indirect/direct message targeted at you. But if a diamond kid did that and by the way they are also IBOs, you are supposed to applaud for them and understand the benefits of the business??? How hypocrite is that?

    Done with my ranting now. Going back to my 9-5 till 65.