Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amway Income Summaries for 2009 and 2008

I saw that a new feature on the Amway website is that- income summary is now available online. I don't know how the diamonds and above allowed this to happen as the income summaries also include "Purchases". Earlier we used to get W2. It would not have the information about the purchases made in that year.

Most of the IBOs who during the year don't pay any attention to income and expenses are sure in for a shock when they get to look at these income summaries.

According to the online income summary my earning for the 2009 was around $3600 and Purchases around $9000. I stopped being active in the last quarter of 2009, otherwise my purchases would have been easily more by another 3K. Doing 300Pv every month is such a small price for your freedom. Yeah right.

Earning for 2008 around $3800 and purchases ONLY AROUND $11k.

This was only the the expenses involved with purchases from Amway. They dont include the system expenses or the expenses involved with actually building the business.

I noticed that nothing much in income had changed between 2008 and 09 and when I decided to leave the business my upline was trying to convince that I was so close to platinumship and would be able to make $2k month after after (yeah right- in my dreams)

We would have thrown up if we had received the income summary with "Purchases", the year we went silver and were a "Strong part of Upline's platinumship."


  1. I'm curious, what does the IRS think about you claiming products purchased for personal use as a business expense?

  2. I'm curious, David Steadson. Why do you have such a low PV level for a die-hard Amway man?

  3. I agree with ibofb, personal purchases are not expenses. However, the upline LCKs promoting 300 PV while not promoting and supporting retailing is merely an adjunct to the ATS (Amway Tool Scam).

    As usual, rockette tries to take the topic off the main topic with a personal attack.

  4. However, it should also be noted ibofb did NOT comment on the high overhead the ATS creates, which is his normal modus operandi.

  5. Sorry Tex, I'll try to do better.

    Everyone knows you're all about keeping blogs on topic.

  6. rockette,

    Why don't you do your best, and leave? LOL

    Besides, the numbers he provided are overwhelmed by the ATS (Amway Tool Scam) costs he barely mentioned, but we all know the ATS is THE topic.

  7. To YOU the ATS is the topic.

    To everyone else, it's on a long laundry list of what ails Amway.

    Are you still in Amway?

  8. rockette,

    The ATS HAS to be the topic, as Amway is a business, and the upline Emerald and above LCKs make SEVERAL TIMES more from the ATS than from Amway, while virtually ALL other IBOs operate at a net loss. Please explain how the ATS CAN'T be at the top of the "laundry list." What do YOU think is still on the "laundry list?"

    Am I still in Amway? Here's your answer:

  9. A yes or no would suffice.

    Your blog is of no interest to me.

  10. Rockette,

    Too bad, that's my answer.

    You are of no interest to me. LOL

  11. The tools scam is a big factor, but upline dishonesty and a poor compensation plan also contributes to Amway's issues.

  12. The tool scam IS the bulk of the upline dishonesty, and the compensation plan is fine, minus the ATS (Amway Tool Scam). jc, you and I joined Amway because of the compensation plan, we just didn't know it included the ATS, because they only showed us the Amway side, not the ATS side.

  13. For someone with such strident views, you sure puss out of answering a simple question.

    Whatsamatter? Pride gettin' in the way?

  14. rockette,

    I have my reasons for not answering the question in a direct manner, and it has NOTHING to do with pride.

    As usual, you're wrong.

  15. Wrong about what? You not answering a simple question?

    What are your reasons? Are they secret too?

    You sound like a LCK explaining why the tools business can't be transparent!

  16. You are WRONG about it being a matter of pride. It isn't.

    Yes, the reasons are secret as well. In fact, the reasons are the basis for not answering it in the first place.

    Me not answering that question doesn't have NEAR the impact the LCK ATS has, so don't even think about trying to equate them, unless you want to demonstrate how stupid you are. LOL

  17. You can't state whether or not you are still in Amway? I guess if it gets you a bit of attention, you'll just keep going with that.

    No, I don't think I'll engage you anymore. I don't think I'll try to demonstrate how stupid I am either, there's enough of that going on in this thread....

    and you won.

  18. Besides, if they kicked your ass out, why do you care about the ATS?

    Is this all you have going on in life?

  19. I didn't say I can't say, I said I CHOOSE not to say.

    I didn't respond in that manner to get attention, and dropped the topic several months ago, but it looks like it "worked" on you! LOL

    You haven't proven anything I've said is stupid. YOU on the other hand....LOL

    I said a LONG time ago that my goal is to help get the ATS shut down, and it has NOTHING to do with whether I'm an IBO or not.

    You're the one arguing with me, and we KNOW you're no longer an IBO. At least I'm involved in doing something constructive, shutting down a scam, what's YOUR excuse for "engaging" with me? Is that all YOU have going on in life? LOL

  20. Why would you want to be an IBO knowing there is a destructive tools scam ongoing?

  21. jc,

    Because being an IBO provides access to a lot of information not available to non-IBOs.

  22. Yeah, because it's worked so well for you thus far Tex.

    All that insider information, yet you are still a gelding when it comes to solving Amway's woes.....

    It's almost more sad than amusing.

  23. rockette,

    You're clueless. I think Teddy Roosevelt said it best (with some minor edits):

    "It is not the rockette who counts: not the man-boy who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls, such as rockette, who knew neither victory nor defeat."

  24. By the way, it should be pointed out this started as a thread showing what a poor business model Amway has, and it ends up being a personal attack on someone who is shutting down the ATS. What a poor example of a human being you are, rockette!

  25. Yet again Tex worries about keeping the comments on topic.....You gotta be the worst offender of that in the history of the universe Tex! Are you serious? NOW you worry about the topic of the post?!


    Do as I say not as I do.

    Good job with the quotes! Keep it up, you'll be right up there with all of the other LCK who quote others to try and sound smart!


  26. It's not my fault you don't understand the true topic of most posts, disguised as other issues.

    I didn't use the quote to sound smart, I did it to show how STUPID you are. LOL

  27. Oh, I see. Nobody else can see the TRUE topic other than you. OK.

    Did you really laugh out loud after you typed that?

  28. I didn't say "nobody", I said YOU! LOL

    I laugh out loud almost every time I read your BULLSHIT. LOL

  29. ex-eagle. Is there a way to contact you through your blog or otherwise?

  30. You guys have problem if you are fighting over a company that has been around for 51 years

  31. This is dumb haha you are not supposed to make al the pv on ur own bu. Sell some products lol You are supposed to change your buying habits and teach others to do the same lol plus, ill bet a lot of your expenses are things you would have bought elsewhere anyway. Your whole Statement is faulty sir :)