Friday, February 5, 2010

The system Thrives on Negativity

For the group of people, who claim to be positive all the time, it is very surprising and many times irritating to see the system focus so much on negativity.

For eg: When you go to a open meeting - the first 45 minutes is spent on emphasizing the negative things about economy, job market, world in general. I really cannot comprehend how these people can talk so much about avoiding newspaper, internet news site but still have all statistics about divorce rates, unemployment rate, the percentage of foreclosures, etc etc in their finger tips. When the economy meltdown started happening the Amway IBOs were almost rejoicing. Speaker after speaker kept saying “ WE TOLD YOU SO…WE KEPT TELLING NOT TO BUY HOUSES, SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED NOW” and so on. Their goal is by the end of the presentation to create such a hype to make you think nothing but doing Amway is good.

Have you seen any other professional claiming to be the best by justifying that all other professions are utter waste of time. Have you seen a doctor insulting a computer consultant to justify that his profession is better or vice versa?

But that is exactly Amway IBOs constantly do. If you are a computer consultant- they call you insult ant. If you are a doctor- “you still have a bucket, it is just that you have a golden bucket” (meaning- a doctor has to show up at work every day to make money, just that his hourly rate is higher- as if Amway IBOs are making money in their sleep).

If you are a very senior executive in a company- then you have sold your soul to that company to be in that position, if you are a priest- then they say that cannot comprehend a broke person teaching “God wants everybody to be prosperous” etc. If you own conventional business- “then these conventional business owners are time broke and don’t have employees but headaches.” (Yeah Right Amway is a sure way of becoming even more time broke and getting a much much bigger headache called upline). Basically if you are an employee, then you nothing but a slave. Even Bill Gates or the President of United States is not spared from their ridicules.

They make fun of everybody on the earth- If you are planning on doing Master’s they make fun of you saying- “you know that jobs don’t work and now you are after masters and do what- go back to job”. If you have a Ph.d, you will have to suffer much more ridicule- like it erally takes a Ph.D to figure out how to make a living with that salary (I don’t know what it takes to make a living with the Amway IBO income). Yet, these same idiots will claim at the end of the plan abt how Amway is such a great corporation which employs many Ph.D scientists to conduct their research.

The speakers on the function stage who put down education so much will gush about their children have gor admitted to top schools and will tell you that only because of the business that their children were able to achieve that.

Bill Britt when he gets on stage and irritates so much by saying that the stage is set up by broke people, flowers, audio is set up by broke people and that he needs about 40-50 broke people to conduct his daily life- everybody who is doing something other than Amway- according to him is broke. Talk abt humility.

All their claims abt people are being laid off and the employers not caring for the employess- Just stop your standing order for a few months, your uplines will really show you how much they care about you.

Their so called night owl after night owl is nothing but, hours and hours of laughing behind people’s back- putting down the prospect who did not get it, putting down the new IBO who does not want to continue the business anymore, putting down people who are just working their jobs, putting down people who laughed at them. But these same people claim from the stage - “Average people only discuss other people”.


  1. So let's see how this gels with my experience -
    (1) the plan at the open totals about 45 mins. Bit hard to have it all "negative"
    (2) never heard "insult ant", never heard about the "golden bucket", never heard a CEO etc referred to as having sold their soul, can't recall ever hearing anything ever about priests.
    (3) always heard getting a good education spoken highly of, not made fun of
    (4) never heard of anything called a "night owl" except on blogs like yours.
    (5) like most of the Amway world, never heard Bill Britt say anything (except for a few brief bits via Amway critics)
    (6) never heard people with jobs being ridiculed, and often heard the folk who help setup and run our seminars complimented and edified

    Guess I've just had no experience with "the system".

    If that's "THE system", what do we call all the other "systems"?

    Oh but wait, all systems are the same, right?

    Or maybe not ....

  2. N21 is a "kinder, gentler" ATS (Amway Tool Scam). They charge similar amounts for the tools and scam their downline, they just smile instead of frown as they do it. In fact, N21 is the only known ATS where the head LCK (Lying Cowardly "Kingpin" had to withdraw a letter when the UK blew up 3 years ago, when he tried to place all the blame on Amway. So yes, all systems are the "same", just not identical. LOL

  3. So because it's never happened to you it doesn't happen?

    I recall someone (you David Steadson) saying something along the lines of:

    People think their experiences are the only experiences that exist have an incredibly egocentric view of the world. Such arrogance.

    Right back atcha Davey!

    Like it or not, this is the experience of the VAST MAJORITY of Amway participants in North America.

    You're so predictable.

  4. PS - Did you clear 300 PV yet?

    I'm sure you know more about Amway than any other 100 PV'er!

  5. That's funny, almost everything mentioned in this post, I heard at WWDB functions.

    A lot of this stuff was taught by a wise triple diamond who is now in bankruptcy.

  6. I have so many cds which have the exact things i have mentioned in this post- like insultants, golden bucket, Bill Britt calling everybody broke and a priest himself( who is also an IBO), talking in a panel about his decision to become an IBO saying..he could not take it any more, being broke and teaching people "God wants everybody to be prosperous."

    IBOFB- You are entitled to your opinions. But just because you believe that these things dont happen does not mean they dont happen.

  7. Rocket, I cleared 300PV my second month in the business, more than a decade ago. Don't be as big an idiot as joecool

    Ex Eagle - I nowhere even implied that "these things don't happen". Not even close. In fact I've plenty of corroborating evidence to support what you say about your experience

    You however are making claims about pretty much the whole of Amway. You're making claims about MY experience, and those claims are outright wrong.

    Why is it so difficult for you to accept that my (and others) experience may be different from yours?

  8. So what's your level then? Why the secrecy?

  9. "Ex Eagle - I nowhere even implied that "these things don't happen"

    The STFU. It happened to ex eagle and tens of thousands of others.

  10. Nobody says their experience in Amway was different than yours IBOFB. You've made it clear that you are having a grade A experience in Amway. In North America, anyone who hears the name Amway rolls their eyes or, as I've seen, run off a string of profanity which gives an extraordinarily clear picture of what that person thinks about Amway, it's products, and the people involved in it.

    If you don't believe that, you are either being deliberately obtuse, or don't have a clue what you are defending on a daily basis.

    I think it's a bit of both in your case.

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  12. The reason ibofb likes to blame the IBO who got scammed, rather than the LCKs (Lying Cowardly "Kingpins") who scammed them, is because:

    1. He is suffering from the "Stockholm Syndrome," which has nothing to do with him now residing in/near Stockholm, although that is incredibily ironic. ibofb has stated how he owes his life to N21, as he was considering suicide a few years ago, and the positive attitude the ATS (Amway Tool Scam) promotes helped him, and

    2. His goal is to introduce confusion regarding the ATS, rather than fixing it. He understands getting rid of the ATS will help Amway's reputation, and therefore even assist HIS OWN business, and those in HIS OWN group between 0 and 7,500 PV, but looks forward to becoming an ATS LCK himself.

  13. "he was considering suicide a few years ago"

    Is this true? Where did you hear that?

  14. He said it. I don't recall where. Probably his site or qblog.

  15. I wish I knew, I would be happy to take it away from him. LOL

  16. Really? Is that true Tex? So Amwayers are to listen to an emotionally unstable person instead of common sense?

    Is that really true?

  17. rockette,

    How many times do you want me to answer the same question?

    I doubt too many people are listening to him.

  18. I guess I should clarify. Did he write this (therefore it could be found online) or was this something he said in Prague?

    I think he might have about a half dozen loyal followers. About a thousandth of a percent of people who have been affected by the deceitful tool scam.

  19. I already said it was probably qblog or his site, can't you read? It was not mentioned in Prague.

    Yes, his followers actually make him think he's making progress, it's quite entertaining. LOL

  20. Well you said probably, so I thought you may be able to clarify. Guess not.

  21. I don't remember where IBOFB said he contemplated suicide, but if he did, then certainly he is mentally unstable and needs help. Maybe the kool aid drinkers who reinforce everything he says about Amway is his therapy?

  22. I don't recall, it was probably 2-3 years ago.

    Actually, I'm surprised you and others, such as jc, didn't pick up on it.

    I'm sure ibofb reads this blog, and if he didn't say it, then he would have protested by now, so why don't you ask him, or do your own search? LOL

  23. Well, I hope David Steadson gets the help he needs. It's a shame really.

    But it explains a lot.

  24. Why would you say that? Have you ever wondered how many others have committed suicide BECAUSE steadson defends Amway and the ATS? Without steadson around, the anti-Amway/ATS crowd would have MUCH more online dominance, and perhaps would have been more effective by now. So give me a number, how many ripped off suicidal dead people would you trade for the tool scammer wannabe, steadson? How about these 4 young people, who didn't commit suicide, but were essentially killed by exhaustion, by the greedy tool scamming LCKs? --->

  25. How many would I trade? Zero.

    As far as online dominance, sometimes less is more, and I do believe critics have made a difference.

    The tool scam will exist as long as Amway allows it. They can choose.

    You and others can continue informing. We'll get there.

  26. Good answer.

    Less is not more when it comes to online presence and forcing Amway to act on the ATS.

    The ATS will exist until less pain is attached to change as the status quo, whether it comes from the blogging world and/or the government.

    I and others will continue informing, and we could get there sooner if people like you got onboard.

  27. I am on board Tex. I despise the tool scam. I dislike the high prices. I DETEST Amway itself.

    In my opinion, AMWAY is responsible for allowing this. The LCK are simply like children getting away with what they can while their parents (Amway) are out smoking weed in the back yard.

  28. Ok Tex, I did a search on Qblog and could not find a post where IBOFB talked about suicide. Obviously if he did, then he may be mentally unstable and may need help.

    I did find a post where IBOFB claims his defense of Amway may have helped some young kid go diamond, which I don't believe.

  29. rockette,

    Cool, I also despise the ATS. Then why do you go against someone who agrees with you? By the way, your Amway product high price claim is more wrong than it was before, there were significant reductions in 2009.

    I agree Amway is responsible for allowing this, and have stated that on numerous occasions. The question is, what are you doing to CHANGE it, rather than simply bitch about it?


    I did a quick search on qblog, and didn't see anything either. I also did some other unrelated searches, and there appears to be a problem with the search function. The more I think about it, the more I think it was on qblog, but could be on his blog.

    If he did help some young kid go diamond, the chances are very good that young kid is no longer at the diamond level, and that young kid ripped off thousands on his way to diamond. Not something I would brag about, but ibofb is an LCK wannabe.

  30. If you can confirm where IBOFB said he's contemplated suicide, I will post an article about it on my blog and open it up for discussion.

  31. I already said I looked and didn't find it. I also said the qblog search function looks like it's screwed up. Perhaps Jansen or another moderator can help.

  32. OK Tex. Let's say I'm on board. Please tell me what you think will change things as it relates to Amway allowing the ATS to exist.

    I'm not all about flooding the internet with spam or responding to Google alerts like the lunatic fringe do.

    But I am listening.

  33. The first thing you can do is not criticize someone else who agrees with the major goal: shutting down the ATS.

    The second thing you can do is stand up to others who criticize those who agree with the major goal: shutting down the ATS.

    The third thing you can do is realize informing others about the ATS should not be considered spam, but as an educational opportunity to achieve the major goal: shutting down the ATS.

    The fourth thing you can do is think of other disruptive activities, such as contacting local, state, and federal regulatory authorities, and encouraging others to do the same, in order to achieve the major goal: shutting down the ATS.

    The fifth thing you can do is call into conference calls to brainstorm other ideas, such as protesting at Opens, Seminars, and Major Functions, in order to achieve the major goal: shutting down the ATS.