Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Diamond Leadership- Should it be called "Go Broke Leadership?"

Why don’t the qualification for these events be- Should have achieved atleast 7500 PV once in the past 6 months or atleast in the past 1 year?? Or have a qualification that only people who made so much money "Through the business"in the previous year are allowed for these events??

Why should they let all the people who qualified 7500PV once in their lifetime in the business and that too you know how from my previous post.

The sad truth is if they had these qualifications even most of the platinums would not then qualify for these events. It is no fun right only the bigger pins meeting each other- they would miss the joy of thrashing all the low level IBOs who are supposedly not moving on

I must say that for the claim in these teaching systems that they are the most positive people on the face of this Earth, they take tremendous pleasure in pointing out the negatives in everything else (except the Amway business ) and in putting down every single profession.

I checked the hotel rates for the go diamond event this year. It is “only” $250/night. The go diamond expenses would easily add up to more than $1000 or more – adding up flight tickets, parking, rental car, hotel for 2 nights, food not to mention the function ticket, baby sitting expenses- if you have kids.

Not to of course mention- the cost of actually qualifiying silver- I have a cd which was made in one of the Go diamond events, one of the EDC talking about how the water quality and the air quality of the new silvers neighborhood has tremendously increased- Implying that they have stocked up E-spring and ATMOSPHERE to qualify.

Why should the system torture the IBOs who are as it is not making money and bleed them financially and call them losers if they are not “willing to pay the price
( very expensive price I must say). If you tell your upline that you don’t think you should go to the diamond event this year, because you have not qualified in a long time (I MEAN REALLY LONG TIME), be ready to receive an earful of thrashing as to “How you are not a team player”, “How you are losing faith”…etc etc etc.

You see you can "Go Diamond" only from the nuggets you receive from the night owl after night owl at 4 a.m that happens at the "Go diamond events" and that is why you should go- to learn to "Go Diamond" (yeah right).


  1. I assume you're talking about an LCK (Lying Cowardly "Kinping") event, not an Amway sponsored one, right?

  2. By the way, I don't know whether you've seen everyone blaming you for getting scammed:

    but realize there are others who understand you were scammed, lied to, etc.: and especially the ones from me (textextextex), graniteman, and The Big Apple.

  3. Looks like nothing has changed in 10 years since we quit.
    Thank god we did not buy into "go diamond" scam.

    i know my sponsor did and he went to go diamond sever times.

    Those days they were letting only the newly qualified "silvers" to go to go diamond i thought.

  4. We used to go to Go Diamond at Disneyland every year with WWDB... we enjoyed it, but they discontinued a few years back.

    Is this Go Diamond event with Britt or other? And what are the qualifications?

    Very many changes in some lines that are very questionable if you, I think you say, read between lines.

    Any event, I am no longer part of the system tools and sponsoring... just retail many good products that's all.

    Also, no longer in Platinum qualification but not bad with all retail anyway.

    Thanks to you!


  5. Why were you being naïve to attend Go Diamond event since it costs so much. It is very simple to me. I would not over stretch myself in this business. I am in charge of my life for being an IBO.