Thursday, November 4, 2010

Extending end of month order

On Oct 31st, I noticed a message on the Amway website, that the end of the the month ordering deadline has been extended till Nov 1st 6 p.m eastern time, as Amway was experiencing heavy traffic.

Why do the ordering time needs to be extended, if it is not to aid people in qualification to hit their pin levels. If IBOs genuinely needed the products, they could have ordered it a few days later as well or why shld a IBO care if the volume of his/her order goes to month of OCT or Nov unless all of a sudden this becomes very very important for somebody upline in Platinum/Emerald or whatever qualification.

For all those IBOs whose main job seems to keep repeating that " that this does not happen in their line of sponsorship or this does not happen in this day and age" I guess Amway kind of acknowledged this practice is widespread across North America (stocking up products to hit new pins), by extending their ordering time. Otherwise why would there be heavy traffic on the last day of the month?

If this business is such a great residual income business, why would Amway experience heavy traffic on the last day of the month??? Shouldn't people qualify easily atleast by 20-25th of the month?

What would irritate us more than the calls we would receive from upline on the last day of the month convincing us to order 1500-2500 PV would be the calls from my upline platinum lady asking us why we did not process our ditto for 300PV on the first of the month( this after us ordering 1500-2500PV on the last day of the previous month) and would give us lecture about how core IBOs are expected to do 300PV on the first day of the month.

If only Amway would bother to check with IBOs who went from doing 300+ plus PV for years to less than 50 PV once in a few months, they would really know if there is a genuine demand for products or if people just buy PV and the products come free( famous statement by double diamond Kumar Shivaramakrishnan)


  1. Dude... this is a business! You have extremely employee minded thoughts. Of course the ordering would go up at the end of the month as people are trying to hit their pins. If my downline doesn't do his 150 or 300 pv that I was counting on to hit my goals and I am shooting for q12 should I just give up. I will fill the gap and place the order and sell it next month. As long as I follow the 70% rule I am good to go.

    Amway is not Amazon. Its not a shopping site. Its a distribution company and I am a distributor.

    Although, I notice you haven't given up your IBO ship and still track all your downlines orders. Thinking ofmaking a comback eh?

  2. Rohit, well like all the IBOs you contradict your own statement. Basically you are saying if you are short of volume, you will stock up products (and yet you are claiming you are following 70% rule for that month). Atleast Thank you very much for claiming that if you are short of volume, you reach your goal anyways by buying extra products. By the way, awesome job on moving all the stocked up products the next month