Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beware student IBOs

If you are a student IBO, you need to be quite careful with how you interpret what you hear from stage or from your upline.

I joined as a student IBO pursuing my doctoral study in a decent university. There was constant bombardment from my uplines that I should quit my doctoral work and join a job. My upline emerald told I could get all the degrees I want, after I go diamond in 5 years. I was so stupid and naive that I believed him. I completed course work (with a CGPA of 3.97) and passed my preliminary examination for Ph.D. degree with flying colors. (I was ranked #2 in my department.) But my sponsor and other uplines were always asking me to quit and join some job, so that I can build the business faster... I eventually did that after 1.5 years into my Ph.D.

In addition to influencing me, they also tried to make my wife quit her Master's degree. Many times my uplines would ask her why she needs to study the degree. There was also pressure on several of my downlines to quit their Master's degrees.

But then you look at how diamonds think about their own childrens' future.

I was working at one of the top ranked U.S. schools until a few years ago. I and my wife once drove our upline diamond and his family at that time. They came to know where I was working. His wife was so impressed - she said she wanted her kids to go to some school like that! My upline diamond added that he wanted all his kids to go to a similar school close to his home town and how nice it was that he has saved up all the money he needs to pay for their education! But both of them ridicule education and working for top companies in their talks from stage. My upline diamond was so obnoxious in one CA bay area function when he was making fun of all the people who work for Google, Yahoo, etc., That ticked off so many people big time. Our upline diamond lady also personally has advised many of us to quit education and get some low-paying job to build the business faster.

If you have listened to enough CDs, you would have heard that diamonds are actually very proud to send their kids to top schools. Another Indian diamond based in Atlanta bragged how his son got admission to Georgia Tech and is interning at qualcomm.

When it comes to their own kids, the diamonds value education so much. But when it comes to their downline, they could care less.

If you are a student IBO, do not make the stupid mistake I made. Go ahead and complete your degree. If you are thinking you are not growing fast enough only because you are a student, let me tell you something - even if you quit your school and join a job, your business growth will still be almost the same as what you are having now.


  1. Ex-Eagle,
    I totally feel you on this! I was involved with "the Business" for just about 8 years (recently quit). When I first got involved I had 1 more year of High School left to finish. My upline Platinum/Emerald encouraged or pushed me to quit High School so I could focus on the Business: "I mean what will you really need that for since you'll be rich & free in a year, year & a half tops." I didn't quit High School but why I didn't quit the business after that eludes me. Keep Writing! People need to know!

  2. Wow...No offense but...That was retarded....I would never allow anyone to talk me out of something I work so hard for. I've joined Amway and I still maintain my other full-time job w/benefits and for you to allow one IBO to talk you out of working on your PH.D that you spent so much time on is ridiculous...Why do people quit their lives for Amway? Can't people just have two sources of income or balance Amway wikth school?? If you have nothing then it's your fault for being so naive. Sorry, seeing this just flames me up. I hope you are faking this, seriously.

  3. So I need approval huh? Is it because everyone has been bashing you for being a sucker? Forget it...You still see my comment so who cares...

  4. If I say to you, "Let's go jump off the Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon" to you every time I see you, will you jump off? Really? Are you an adult? Wow?

  5. As a international student this is how these amway quixtar people operate

    (I was international student coming in to do my masters in 2004 and this is based on my experience)

    They contact new Indian students on orkut/Facebook/MySpace. They will help you out with all your needs thus you become reliable on them. They will ask you to bring a nice white shirt and a business suit and leather shoes. They will also feed you how they were helped by this one person who is very successful when they came here as a student. They build this person up like anything and you are like this must be some bigshot.
    Then when you come here, they will try to keep you in their own amway student circle and ask to avoid other people. They will start manipulating you saying how you came here to have good future and how you should work hard to bring good name to your family as they sacrificed a lot for you. You are motivated as you feel the same.
    Then they will tell their story as to how they came in and they met this person who is very successful and who drives a fancy car and has a great job and all that you and I can dream of. They also say that they are doing some side projects and it is very good and if you want they can recommend your name as you have dreams and goals.
    Then one fine day that mysterious person comes in. In your head you had thought that this is some six foot five inches god of computing world who is a successful entrepreneur but turns out it's a fat chubby guy with glasses and who actually is working as a consultant hoping that he gets picked in the H1B lottery.
    But anyways.. these 2 team up on you and manipulate you on how they are working with some amazing companies and people and how they have a fancy business meeting which is for special people and willl be attended by who's who in the internet industry. They say they can get you a seat and ask you to dress in a nice suit as you would have to impress them. They say they will pick you up at 7pm in Wednesday evening and you will drive there and you will have good time.
    On the way they will pop a cd or tape from someone who was successful in this business as a student and they will try to relate you with them.

    This is how you come into your first amway meeting. Everyone is complementing you and your tie. They behave like they know you. And they talk highly about the person you came in with and how they are very successful.
    Then they introduce the speaker to you who will tell you he will give you some information and asks you to sit in the first row.
    Rest is history.. that's how they get you!!!!