Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Penny wise; pound foolish

Today while having dinner with my wife, we suddenly remembered how our upline tried to control even what food we ate daily.

My upline sponsor was once visiting our home. He saw that we had a small ethnic snack item (chilli powder) in our kitchen. It is primarily used as a side dish with Indian pancakes (called dosas). It costs only $3/pack and usually lasts us for 2 to 3 months. My upline started his rambling: "Why do you need that snack? We never buy those kind of snacks at our home. You know how much you could save by not buying such snack items?". Then he added "I made a calculation how much Indians lose money every day by snacking on ethnic grocery items. I calculated that it comes to about $100 to $200 per month." He also later added looking at some fruits in our refrigerator: "I completely trust nutrilite. We do not eat any fruits at our home. I haven't eaten an apple in years. Why do you need fruits when double-ex has everything? People waste so much money eating fruits."

Do you know how my sponsor would set an "example" for his downline? He would literally not eat anywhere outside, because he told it is a business decision. Once I, my wife and my sponsor went to do a home meeting couple of hours away from my home town. I was literally dying of hunger after the meeting around 10 PM and I could not hold on any longer. So I, my wife and my upline went to a restaurant and ordered food - he did not order anything. I told I would buy him some food, but he said he would not eat that too. I could care less, so I and my wife ate. He was also hungry, but he told he gave a promise to his wife that he would not eat outside and spend money anywhere outside the business! Then we drove and reached our home couple of hours later. Then we cooked for him and he ate at our home after midnight! Then he gave a lecture about how much we spent in the restaurant and how he could control his hunger and not waste those 10 bucks. He told he would have invested that money in business!

This fellow was giving me advice how to save a few bucks here and there, when the main drain in my bank account was the stupid business itself!

You don't know how relaxed I and my wife were when we ate our dinner today. That feeling cannot be simply put in words! We ate nice, hot Indian pancakes happily and cherished every bite of it... The peace of mind that no one is looking over our shoulder to see what we are eating!!!

If you were not in my upline's team, you would not know what kind of value that freedom has! Real freedom - from my sponsor and all my uplines! Priceless!


  1. First time I read your blog, I did not believe most of what you said. I thought this guy doesn't have what it takes to succeed and he just gives the excuse of blaming it on upline. The more I am in the system, the more your blog makes sense. I am realizing one thing for sure. People do not change pins or grow to higher pins because of sponsoring and doing 953 bib. People climb to upper levels mainly due to guilt (of being in the system) and they make the decision to do whatever it takes( what that means in English means buying more items, making the team buy the items) and by the time you are done with your qualification because everyone is scared of you. You look at everyone like a transaction rather than being human! I wish I had listened to you earlier.

  2. LMFAO "I haven't eaten an apple in years" Seriously? What kind of logic is that. People rip on others so much about religion, well what about putting all your faith in a multivitamin? Sorry, but unless I was the guy that manufactured it, I wouldn't trust it that much.

    I like this blog, it is quite interesting.

  3. Man, You have a poor upline for an example. Your upline sounds like every "bad Amway" IBO. My heart goes out to you.

    Sounds like you were consistently ill-advised by your upline, whom you make out to be a real jerk. At the rate he is going, he won't last in the Amway business.

    It's a good thing you quit - you rid yourself of this idiot upline. Sure put a nasty taste in your mouth.

    However, it's too bad you quit... not much outside (of your job) opportunity to get ahead in this extended recession. You have to start from scratch again.

    Amway ain't bad.... BWW and other systems aren't bad. It's the people who are not qualified to be mentors, acting as mentors at other people's expense!

  4. In this extended recession people would be better off by saving the money that they have instead of wasting it on expensive products and useless motivation.

  5. Good point exeagle. Your upline (exemerald) is doing a BBS PA. Wonder what he has to say about his qualified legs. It is all LIES my friend. Sugeet in his latest CD brags about RR. That shows the integrity of sugeet and his dingdong.

    WWDB really tells the pins as it is. In BWW, 90% of them are ExDiamonds, ExEmeralds, ExPlatinums, ExEagles..:) If we ex us out of the picture, we don't go Diamonds but we make money. After you quit this opportunityI can bet that 300+ PV which you spent on Amway products+ your tools can be a good saving. Even if you are lavish and careless you do not spend more than 200$ outside the business.

    Peter Island, Hawaii might be great! Not being contacted by an Amway IBO..Priceless. What do you say?