Monday, December 6, 2010

Extending end of month order AGAIN in Nov

So End of month ordering deadline was again extended in Nov till Dec 1st 6 p.m EST.

This time the reason was that the deadline was extended as lot of IBOs were travelling and a even more funnier reason- that many IBOs will be Achievers(Funny considering the percentage of IBOs qualifying for Achievers trip).

Why do "sharp IBOs' require an extra day to make their "anyway purchases"???

Instead of going against the LOSs whose main way to breaking new pins is end of month "stocking up orders", corporation seems to be promoting such practice by extending the ordering deadline.

What would be the reason for extending end of month orders in DEC- "IBOs very busy with New Year Celebrations?"


  1. So what wil happen at the end of December?

  2. The problem is that when inside the system, this seems like a logical thing to do. Consolidate business so that people will qualify for a higher bonus bracket. I used to encourage this and truly believed that this is a good thing to do and believed I was helping my downlines hit a higher bracket.

    Come out, and then you see how much of a dishonest practice it is.

    It is going to be literally impossible to make someone inside the system understand how much of an issue this is.