Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amway (pipe) dreams

When you join Amway, your upline recommends that you cut out pictures of your dreams and put them on your refrigerator. This is a wonderful visualization technique and it supposedly works for many people. But I want to caution you on this as well.

My recommendation to IBOs is the following: first go and figure out your short-term i.e. 3-to-6 month goal. It could be just as simple as making your car payment with your Amway profits. Note that it is profits, not income. Let us say your goal is to pay your car payment of $200/month with your Amway profits. Then print out your car payment bill and write a check below it for $200. Write on the check "Amway profit". That way the philosophy explained in the BWW recommended book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is followed exactly.

Then go out and work and accomplish this in the time frame you have set. Here is what you will most likely realize: you will realize that you have not reached your goal after 3 to 6 months! Ok, you want to reset it... you reset it and try again. If you reach your goal in 9 months, it is OK. But if you see yourself missing your goal after 2 and 3 years, please do not put pictures of bigger dreams! Because that is where you will lose faith. You already know that you could not accomplish your small dream - how could you accomplish your big dream?

I was so foolish that I cut out my long-term dreams and put them on my refrigerator! I had a yellow lamborghini murcielago, a red lexus sc430, a black lexus ls460hl, a nice big home and several travel destinations. (What I was driving was a 1995 toyota corolla with body damage!) It was a BIG mistake! Because your mind keeps thinking that "some day" you will accomplish those dreams via Amway. But if you really think whether you are first accomplishing your short-term goals, your eyes will be opened!

Hei, if you accomplish your goals in the time frame you have set, GOOD FOR YOU! Go ahead and build your business! But my experience was that I could not accomplish any of my dreams through Amway. I accomplished many of my dreams by simply quitting Amway! What an irony!

Also I am seeing my downlines' PV going up and down and finally remaining at the same level after 1.5 years! If there are pins like "founders 300 PV", "founders 600 PV", "founders 100 PV", "founders 1000 PV", then you can award them to my downlines! In between one guy went silver, but his PV has come down to his original... Another IBO signed up with spouse's name under my sponsor and I see credit card PV/BV transfer out of that IBOship every month. But I wonder how well that "new" IBOship is doing because I do not see my upline fake platinum's name yet on my LOS as qualified platinum! I feel so sorry for all my downlines and the other 99.9% of the Amway IBOs who are pumping that "pump in the desert" (remember Ron Puryear's 2-tape set?), which does not have any water table below!


  1. Ironically, in looking at potential diamond income, I highly doubt that these folks have the kinds of income and trappings that they want to portray. In fact, I think it is more likely that diamonds are in debt trying to portray a lifestyle that cannot be sustained on Amway and tool income.

  2. I actually knew a few people that were big into amway and trying to portray their amazing success. One was my uncle (it cost him alot in the long run) and another was a nearby chiropractor. The chiropractor could pull it off because he was making enough in his real business that when he showed up in a nice car he could play it off that he was doing very well within amway.

  3. I never understood why I felt uneasy "dreaming" BIG until after. Now it is clear.

    In the system, we read but let our uplines interpret, which causes all these issues.


  4. I only understood that getting 6 serious ibo and helping them get 6 serious will eventually make me and my friends diamond......

    Little did i know that one can only go 12 times that exponent..... Before u run out of the present population of earth......

    They better find planets with life soon